(+19783310390) WhatsApp Where to get to buy abortion pills online?, How to get abortion pills in the UK

(+19783310390) WhatsApp Where to get to buy abortion pills online?, How to get abortion pills in the UK

12 July 2022
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         (+19783310390) WhatsApp Where to get to buy abortion pills online?, How to get abortion pills in the UK


Hello dear visitor, So If you have had a positive pregnancy test and have decided to have an abortion, there are some safe and legal options for ending a pregnancy in the UK in 2022 now.

At East London Pharmacy UK, we offer surgical abortion up to the legal limit of 21 weeks and six days and medical abortion (abortion with pills) up to 8 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy.

Read this post to find out more about medical abortion.

Best Abortion pills online: at home medical abortion treatment guaranteed +19783310390

The routine treatment option up to 8 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy is a medical abortion, sometimes called also abortion with pills. The treatment involves taking two types of medicine at two different times: follow this link for more information about how a medical abortion works.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK government approved the use of telemedicine for abortion care, meaning eligible clients can take both sets of pills in their own homes, without attending a clinic. The abortion pills can either be collected by you from a centre or posted to your home address after your consultation.

Read more on how to get your abortion pills by post.


What is the cost of abortion pills in the UK?

Nearly all (98%) East London Pharmacy UK abortions in the UK are funded by adults, Only buy if you can from Whatsapp +19783310390. This means that there will be no cost to you. Get in touch with our advice line to find out more: we can offer you a WhatsApp consultation appointment in 1 hours.

Can I buy abortion pills online in the UK +19783310390?

The Abortion Act 1967 states that an abortion must be authorized by two doctors, so it is illegal in England to buy abortion pills online.

Depending on where they come from the pills may also be ineffective or poor quality and come with little or no information on how to administer the drugs, and no contact number for after-care if needed.

Please do not purchase abortion pills online - they may not be suitable, you may be risking your health, and ... you don’t need to! Get in touch with any abortion providers (like us for example) and discuss your needs, book a consultation, and you might be eligible for "abortion pills by post".

If you live in Northern Ireland

If the gestation of your pregnancy is under 9 weeks and 6 days abortion services are now being provided locally in Northern Ireland.

If the gestation of your pregnancy is over 10 weeks, or if you need a surgical procedure, you can access free abortion care in England. We will help you arrange travel and overnight accommodation. We are here for you.

Read more about Abortion Care for people from Nothern Ireland.

Can I get an abortion pill at the pharmacy in the UK?

For the same reason why you cannot buy abortion pills online, pharmacies do not sell abortion pills over the counter. As explained, the Abortion Act states that any abortion treatment needs to be authorized by two doctors, and it needs to be delivered by an official and approved abortion provider (like MSI Reproductive Choices).


How to get in touch

MSI Reproductive Choices UK offers high-quality, confidential and NHS-funded abortion treatment. You don’t need to be referred by a GP, simply call us to arrange for either a telephone or face-to-face consultation on these numbers:

  • England, Scotland and Wales: Whatsapp +19783310390
  • Northern Ireland: Whatsapp +19783310390
  • Ireland: Whatsapp +19783310390
  • International: Whatsapp +19783310390

If you are not ready to make a Whatsapp Chat +19783310390, or if you worried about your privacy, you can get in touch with our service advisors via email chat, Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM at contact@eastlondonpharmacy.com

Affilliate in the UAE www.eastlondonpharmacy.com


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