Erectile Dysfuntion Ayurvedic Cure

Erectile Dysfuntion Ayurvedic Cure

5 July 2022
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Dr Monga Clinic is the best ayurvedic sexologist doctor in Delhi Ncr. We are providing ayurvedic treatment for sexual problems and infertility. Our clinic is well equipped with latest technology and our doctors are highly qualified.

What exactly is Sexual Dysfunction or Sexual Disorder?

Sexual Dysfunction states the psychological, emotional, and physical issues, which restrict an individual or couple at the time of doing a sexual activity to enjoy pleasure. Statistics revealed the fact that sexual disorders found in males vary from 10 to 52%. In the case of females, it is 14% in India.
Different types of sexual dysfunction:
There are different types of sexual dysfunction:

Desire disorders or Loss of libido- In this condition, an individual loses interest in having sex.
Arousal disorders- Face difficulty to remain physically aroused at time of sexual activity
Orgasm disorders- Delay or even absence in orgasm

Mobile- +91-8010977000

Pain disorders-

A feeling of pain at the time of doing intercourse
Hormone deficiency- Estrogen level fall in females or fall in testosterone level in men/Both

What are the key symptoms of Sexual Disorder?

Symptoms do vary from one to the other, and even it�s different for men and women.

Erectile dysfunction: Inability to establish erection at the time of sexual intercourse
Premature Ejaculation: Inability to maintain erection till the time of climax in sexual intercourse
Infertility: Low sperm count is one of the common types of male sexual disorder
Enlarged Prostate Gland: Cases of prostate gland enlargement are now increasing
Nightfall: Wet dream, sex dream, or sleep orgasm involves ejaculation in males during sleep.


Inability to achieve orgasm: Inability to experience sexual arousal for satisfying sexual intercourse with a partner
Inadequate vaginal lubrication: Lack of sufficient amount of lubrication for smooth penetration of partner penis
Pain during intercourse: A feeling of pain leading to discomfort at the time of having intercourse.
Nightfall: Wet dream, sex dream, or sleep orgasm involves vaginal wetness in women during sleep.
External Fibroids: It is one of the prime reasons for infertility and pain during sex in women leading to dissatisfied sexual life.

Mobile- +91-8010977000

If you have any problem related to sexual health like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, penile curvature or infertility then don't worry we are here to help you out. We provide best ayurvedic treatment for sexual problems with natural herbs and other herbal remedies that work effectively without any side effects on your health.

We also provide treatment for infertility by treating hormonal imbalance through medical diagnosis and homeopathy treatment which helps to get pregnant naturally without any side effects on your body.

More info -

Name- Dr Monga Clinic
Mobile- +91-8010977000
1st Basement, 20, National Park, Part-4, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110024

Contact Information
Address: 1st Basement, 20, National Park, Part-4, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110024, India, 110024
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