12 July 2022
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Cable ties & Fixings, Screw Mounted Cable Ties, Masonry Mount Screws, Releasable Cable Ties, Double Loop Cable Ties, Push Mount Cable Ties, P Clips, as well as Stainless Steel Cable Ties can all be found at Kafton Cable Ties, a leading supplier in the industry. We also have a wide selection of electrical terminals and other wiring and connection accessories.


Strong bonds with both our suppliers and our customers are the foundation of our company. We now have a diverse selection of premium offerings, and we're extending our catalogue all the time. Our efforts are consistently directed at improving in three key areas: service, quality, and cost. Our suppliers are quality-focused businesses that produce items in accordance with international standards organisations like UL, DIN, UKAS, BSI, and RoHS.


Fastening wires or other items together, a zip tie is also known as a cable tie. These ties are versatile in use because to their low price and simplicity of handling and application. These ties have numerous uses due to their low price and the fact that they are simple to manipulate and apply.


Some of the cable ties have a tab that may be depressed to release the ratchet, allowing for easy removal and subsequent reuse. Stainless steel models, especially those coated with sturdy plastic, are robust enough for usage in harsh environments.


For the best selection of cable ties and the industry's strongest Cable Tie Tools, go no farther than Kafton UK Cable Ties, the market leader in the United Kingdom.


Kafton UK Cable Ties is the leading exporter and distributor of cable ties in the United Kingdom, and they have a wide choice of high-quality cable ties that have excellent durability and tensile strength. Kafton cable ties are highly reliable in all kinds of climates, so much so that they are shipped all over the world. With Kafton, you can get your order shipped for free if it costs more than £45, return it without any fuss, and shop with complete peace of mind thanks to their commitment to your security during the entire shopping process.

Our Vision:

  • To strengthen our position as a leading provider of cable ties.
  • To gain an edge in both the home and international markets through innovation, individualised service, and a diversified offering of products.
  • To achieve market dominance, it is essential to adopt cutting-edge production methods that boost output both in terms of quality and quantity.

Our Values:

●      Innovation:

To meet the ever-evolving demands of consumers, businesses must foster innovation in products, technologies, and applications.

●      Agility:

Our company is part of a rapidly evolving sector, thus we respond quickly to matters that affect it.

●      Integrity:

Our company's core values are honesty and openness.

●      Commitment:

With an emphasis on ethics, initiative, and quality, we understand the importance of our dedication to our team members, our business partners, and, most importantly, our consumers.

Our Strategy:

With a strategy grounded on the company's basic beliefs, Kafton UK aspires to become a major supplier and exporter of Cable Ties, Fuses, Wire Connectors, Heat Shrink Tubing, Tools, and Battery Terminals Tapes in the United Kingdom.


Our organisation has prioritised four areas to help achieve our overall objective.


-         Outperform

-         Globalize

-         Simplify

-         Inspire


Contact Information
Address: Kafton Ltd, 6 Campdale Road, London, N7 0EA, UK, United Kingdom, N7 0EA
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