Online & At Center Human Resources (Processing & Member Services)
27 March 2023
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Online & At Center Human Resources (Processing & Member Services)

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Online & At Center Human Resources (Processing & Member Services)


Volunteer Globally from your home, while learning the valuable skills of our Human Resources Division. 

Learning the basics of Human Resources is a skill we all need in society. Whether within our family or a large institution. Organizing efforts and processes to help meet challenges, while keeping folks motivated and uplifted involves practical skills as well as psychology. A great place to learn and practice the various components of effective leadership is in any Human Resourse Division. 


Whether volunteering an hour a month or an hour a day, whether experienced or new; your help is needed in our Human Resources. Meet many people from diverse cultures and socio- economic backgrounds globally, while helping children & communities seeking a brighter future. 


 IHF is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit organization that strongly believes in an equal opportunity for all and in preserving the cultures, traditions and beliefs of  marginalized communities. Half of International Humanity Foundation’s (IHF) mission is to educate impoverished and challenged children and marginalized communities while learning from them. The other half is to educate adults from all socio economic backgrounds on how to start their own nonprofit or direct in one. Thereby passing it on and giving collective voice to voiceless.     

   While basic level English is the common language used by volunteers online, IHF advocates for the preservation and promotion of all languages. 

     IHF believes in slow quiet growth with deep roots. Ihf believes there are many amazing children and adults who want to learn and to help the world be a better place if given the opportunity. Our over twenty years as a successful 

volunteer organization proves this.


We have the following teams in our



  1. 🔲Application Processing& Background checks: 

Description & benefits:

This is the "door into IHF" & a great team to begin with. You'll become familiar with IHF's structure, teams, and volunteers as well as the types of people applying. You'll review new applications and set up interview times if the applicant is qualified. ( First Response, Referances, Day After teams. May do one or more of any of these teams) 


  1. 🔲Applicant Interviews

Description & benefits: We are all interviewed often during our lives whether formally or informally, whether in a job interview, social gathering or date, Interviewing is communication skills and presentation of knowledge at its best. And there is no better way to learn than by becoming an Interviewer! Practice provides an instinctive sense for what does and doesn't work, and an ease. Interviewing in a global level also offers a peak into varied cultures and personalities. A great team and skill to Practice. ( Interview Team)


  1. 🔲 IHF Global Calendar& Time Management

Description & benefits: One of the "tell-tale" signs of whether someone is used to working globally and used to facilitating groups : Is their knowledge of scheduling practices that solve such challenges and the steps needed, as well as familiarity with global times zones and practices. This is a great team for very practical skills you will need if working globally online, as well as in person. It also helped me learn to organize my own time far better while learning the intricacies of global calendaring and time management. ( Calendar Team)


  1. 🔲 Member Services: Applicant Team Placement& Training

Description & benefits: a great place to learn the best and worst practices in training Volunteers and the challenging psychology of happiness in motivating and organizing. This team makes sure all Members are trained, dependable and happy on their teams. It gets to know ihf Team Leads, as well as IHF members. It provides occasional surveys, addressing any challenges. ( Allocation& TTP)


  1. 🔲Leadership Training and Management 

Description & benefits: This team was active for over twenty years, until the COVID shut down. It has now reopened again to help facilitate the organizing and training of our culturally diverse Team Leads and volunteers. Learn valuable global leadership skills. ( Leadership Training Team LTT)


  1. 🔲Online Outreach:  

Description & benefits: This team teaches how to teach out globally for similar individuals addressing any unique social problem or career issue. It is an invaluable tool for your own career as well as in helping others throughout your life. GOOT stands for General Online Outreach Task Team. This team teaches out to people or groups needed internationally with specific knowledge or skills in areas that IHF or the children and communities we serve need help. We do this through online organizations worldwide. ( GOOT)




Description & Benefits: 

(UNIOOT) this similar to above but with Universities. Working with particular University departments, OEP programs ( Overseas Education Programs) Foreign Student Associations, Graduate Student Associations, Internship programs etc. Get to know the many University's helpful services worldwide and those running them. 

( UniOot) 

  1. 🔲Networking Team:

Description & Benefits: 

Making sure the appropriate Institutions and Individuals are aware of IHF and the work we do that may be helpful to them or the populations they work with. Get to know the many wonderful small and large organizations also trying to make this world a better place for all. ( Network Team)

  1. 🔲 Travel Industry, Eco Tourism & Applicants  Ticket, Visa Coordination, 

Description & benefits: This team was active for over twenty years and is now just starting up post COVID, as we are once again, slowly & carefully accepting foreigners to our centers. Learn and share the "ins and outs" of donated tickets, wisest travel practices and Social Visa's. We also do outreach with other travel institutions, embassies and consulates. ( Travel, Visa Team)

  1. 🔲 MOU, contracts 

Description & benefits: 20-60 minutes anytime best for you, one day a week. This team sits at the end of Processing new applicants and the beginning of training new members. This placement gives a great peak into how to process or deny volunteers and why, plus which become great benefits and how they are placed and trained in their teams. You also have an overview of contract and MOU management. ( MOU team)


Do any of these teams interest you? Volunteering provides a great opportunity to further your understanding the fascinating world of international non-profit online outreach, boost your CV, and enhance global social, media and public relations skills as you reach out to volunteers through a multitude of mediums.

Please note this is a volunteering position. 


For more information and to apply, visit and provide your CV. Our team will get in contact with you within 24 hours. 


For any other enquiries please contact our Volunteer Team at

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