Organza saree

Organza saree

8 December 2022
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As a little girl, I would often watch my mother drape those long and beautiful pieces of clothes and transform them into a symbol of elegance and beauty. I would follow along with one of her dupattas around my waist, trying to wear it as she did. Even then, as a child of mere 10 years old, I could see that there was something magical about this piece of clothing -an elegance that could never be matched by any other outfit. 

A saree holds a transformative power over every feminine figure. Wrap it around yourself in whatever way you like and you still end up looking like a million bucks! And sarees look especially magnificent on Diwali. From raw silk to pure georgette, it gives you what no other garment can - a manifestation of your inner feminine self.

That powerful goddess hiding behind the usually overworked and tired woman awakens at the very touch of a saree. Shimmering as brightly as the diyas lit around you, it is an outfit that gives you the look of the very deity we pray to on this day.

I see women walking together, making their way down to the temple, and every single one of them looking a more determined, happier, and altogether powerful version of themselves. It's almost as if their energy field shifts with a change of attire. 

It is a spellbinding experience, to see a woman embrace her innermost self and own it unapologetically. That's what we need more of anyway, don't we? In a world where people are constantly trying to bring each other down, you, as a woman, can assert your power, leave your mark, and uplift others in the process just by being in touch with your intuitive grace.

Your walk shifts; your aura builds higher; and you find a unique sort of confidence in yourself that could never have been achieved in a pair of tights or a tight skirt. No, it's only the saree that can do such wonders to your body, heart, and soul. 

Never thought I'd be writing such fantastically vivid descriptions of a piece of clothing but what can I say, a saree defies all laws of practicality. It merges sensuality with such a powerful force of elegance that the wearer becomes a bundle of magnetic charm, irresistible and yet blessedly unaware of the effect she has. 

A saree is also the only attire so well rooted in history and tradition and yet always ready for a fresh new makeover by the modern world. Our grandmothers spent their lives of struggle and hard work in them. Our mothers danced around joyously in them. And now it's down to us to carry this legacy forward with as much pose and finesse as we can muster. 

Because, now it's time to set the celestial woman hiding inside us free and let her take over the world, one saree at a time.

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