Secure your future by making your internship into a full-time job

Secure your future by making your internship into a full-time job

13 December 2022
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The opportunity to explore will be less as well as the chance to showcase the abilities and contributions. As a result, it will be more difficult to convince the boss that you deserve a full-time job. The easiest way to build up that trust is to establish your credibility. The starting point is to reach the office on time. It may seem a small thing but it can have a big impact on how other people perceive you. Thus, punctuality signals your commitment and sincerity.

Well, ULead is a community that makes a difference together. A tribe that levels up, every day. It is a flagship internship program for students to make careers and Upskill. We believe that to reinvent learning and make a difference in the education system, there is nobody better than the youth who are currently a part of it. Furthermore, the internship is a combination of rewarding experiences. From marketing and sales to leadership. We also ensure that you never stop growing, there’s always more in store for you at the next position Apply now!!

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