Zero brokerage trading account in India

Zero brokerage trading account in India

1 June 2022
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Zero brokerage trading account in India- A guide to understand

In India, most brokers charge a brokerage fee on the trader’s trades. This brokerage fee is calculated as a percentage of the turnover that is done on trade. Zero brokerage means when an investor makes a trade in the stock market without paying a brokerage fee on the trade. Here are some of the important things about the zero brokerage trading account in India that a trader needs to know-

Factors to consider before opening a zero brokerage trading account-

Easy User Interface

This is the important factor that you have to look for while opening a zero brokerage account. Usually, each broker will have its inbuilt software that one can download. If you’re choosing a trading platform for a zero brokerage trading account then make sure its software and user interface are easy. Check the app through which you can access it from your phone in your own comfort. Today, ease of application is much more important to understand in trading. Before opening a zero brokerage trading account, make sure you keep thing points in mind.

Ensure the quality of support services

Another factor that one needs to consider is the support service. While creating a zero brokerage trading account in India, the trader must have knowledge of its features and benefits. Those who are using the trading account for the first time might have different issues, concerns, and doubts. Thus, there is a need for a support service for the trading account through which traders can know about the account. Before opening a zero brokerage trading account, make it the platform has high quality support service.

Check there are no hidden fees

Many beginners, who are new to zero brokerage trading, get confused with the hidden charges. Make sure to check that the broker is not asking for any hidden fees from you. For this, you need to go through its terms and conditions and privacy policy. This will clear the doubts related to the hidden charges

While looking for a zero brokerage account, read all the terms & conditions carefully. Some accounts are initially free but they charge after duration. This is counted as a hidden fee. So, you need to be careful about it.

Benefits of Zero Brokerage Trading accounts

These days, there is high demand for zero brokerage trading accounts in India among both beginner and experienced traders. The exceptional benefits of a zero brokerage trading account are as follows:-

  • There will be easy account opening procedures which means anyone can open it without any hassle
  • transparency is maintained so there will be hidden fees at all
  • One of the benefits of a zero brokerage trading account is that it ensures instant fund transfers and a smooth to and fro process.
  • With a Zero Brokerage account, a trader will not get bothered about the size of the buy and sell orders.
  • With this, traders will get the instant phone and e-mail support in case of any query.
  • It lets the trader the freedom to trade on all major exchanges in India

Are you new to online trading and stock? Want to get started with the best zero brokerage trading account in India? If yes then Wisdom Capital can be your one stop destination. This is one of the best online trading solutions where a trader can trade unlimited and freely without worrying about any hidden charges.






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