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4 Ways to Know a Company’s Culture Before Going For Online Internship

22 Oct

4 Ways to Know a Company’s Culture Before Going For Online Internship

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, everything has altered significantly.

Whether it’s our personal or professional lives, the pandemic has impacted all of it.

One of the significant changes in professional life is the rise of work-from-home internships.

Every firm in the world has realized the significance of online internship programs, and many companies did report an increase in productivity among their employees.

So, are remote internships the future of internships?

That’s a different debate to be had.

For this specific one, we’re concentrating on if you’re interviewing for remote internships or if you’re reading it amidst the pandemic and are about to give an interview remotely; then how would you know if it’s a good fit for you?

So, here are four ways to know a company’s culture when interviewing remotely:


  1. Know your zero tolerances

We all have an ideal working environment before we even start looking for a new internship.

Apart from basic stipends and benefits, make sure you have a list of specific values that you expect from a company you wish to learn.

Company culture can have a vague meaning if you don’t have a specific set of cultural aspects in mind. So, make sure you know yourself and what you’re looking for in your next company.

Also, make sure you have specific zero tolerances in mind. In simple terms, anything is a big red flag for you in a company. This will also help you evaluate a company’s culture when interviewing remotely.

As an intern, there is a concrete list of things you expect in a company that you cannot stand, so you will be able to assess the company better during the interview. So, choose a company where your online internship is worth it.


  1. Ask questions related to company culture

Following up on the above point of having a list of expectations and zero tolerances for a company’s culture, ensure your questions during your interview. 

Interns asking questions regarding the company’s interview displays that interns are serious about this unpaid or paid internship. Make sure not to ask open-ended questions like “Tell me about your company culture” or anything similar that will get you very scripted responses from your interviewer. Instead, craft your queries related to the company culture.


  1. Do your investigation

Stemming from the first point of having a comprehensive list of the cultural elements you seek in a company, it’s time to become Sherlock Holmes!

While giving an online interview, you can get deceived or make a bad judgment, but let’s not overlook you have the world at your fingertips; the internet.

Take your research online and go through the company’s website. Read the Glassdoor, Ambition box review and explore more about the company. Moreover, check out the “careers” and “about” sections of the website to get an idea of what the company believes in. Dig into their social media accounts and see how they interact with customers online. If you plan to do a social media online internship, this will allow you to talk about the company’s online presence.


  1. Connect with former employees

People who have already worked for the company will likely give you the best review of the company’s culture.

While current employees may be slightly biased when talking about their current company, former employees may give you a brief review of their experience. Therefore, connect with employees on LinkedIn to get their first-hand reviews on the company. As a result, it will help you list down what you will upskill from the work-from-home internship with certificates



In conclusion, while interviewing remotely may not be as good as a physical interview, but it has become a norm after the pandemic. So, all interns should find savvy ways to discover company culture, even when doing an online internship.

Some points mentioned in this piece can help you get great hints on a company’s culture and hopefully help you make the right direction in your job search!


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