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6 Social Media Tactics to Achieve Business Success in 2023

17 Nov

6 Social Media Tactics to Achieve Business Success in 2023

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools to reach out to a wider audience and grow your business. Every smart business understands the importance of social media in building brand awareness, connecting with the customers and driving massive sales. Lamp Media Tech is the leading social media marketing agency in Dubai that has helped numerous clients achieve their marketing goals effectively. We are always one step ahead in finding solutions to benefit our client’s businesses from social media.  

Let’s dive right in and discuss the ideas that your business can use to achieve success through social media and SEO consultant Dubai. We have listed below 6 most effective social media tactics that can help your business achieve SEO success stories Dubai in 2023. 

6 Social Media Tactics to Achieve Business Success in 2023-


AI-driven social media management tools have taken up the digital market by storm! There are various tasks that you can perform using AI tools and take the management of your social media accounts to the next level! They are useful in automating repetitive tasks such as scheduling social media posts and analyzing data to understand which content works best for your business. 

The AI-driven tools are helpful in targeting advertising and help determine the best type of content that is suitable for advertising. Apart from being helpful in analyzing data for influencer marketing, the chatbots that are powered by AI are quite useful for resolving customer queries and freeing up human resources for other tasks. 

The Best AI-Driven Social Media Management Tools- 

  • SOCIALFLOW: A useful tool that provides advanced analytics, automated post scheduling and helps to manage your social media campaigns.     
  • BUFFER: An AI-powered tool that helps in content recommendation and creation along with posts scheduling and performance analysis.
  • SPRINKLR: It provides a complete package of social media management and analytics tools to help manage customer relationships across all social media platforms.
  • AGORAPULSE: A powerful tool useful to engage with customers while you track analytics and manage social media accounts.
  • HOOTSUITE: This AI-driven platform helps you manage and optimize your social media presence effectively.



User-generated content (UGC) plays a pivotal role in improving a company’s brand image and enhancing the trust and credibility with the customers. As suggested by its name, UGC is created by users and is more likely to reach a wider audience by being shared by the users who created the content. It is a highly cost-effective method of marketing since the fans and customers will handle the marketing work for your brand. 


The Best Ways To Use UGC For Your Business-

  • SHARE THE CONTENT: It is important to make your audience feel appreciated and valued for their work. That is why it is helpful to share and feature UGC on your brand’s social media accounts. 
  • PROVIDE REWARDS: There is nothing more engaging than providing some sort of incentives or rewards associated with the UGC. Give your customers discounts or promotions to motivate them to create and share UGC. 
  • MAKE IT SIMPLER: Provide clear instructions and specific guidelines to the audience as to how to create and share the UGC. The simpler it is for them to understand the process, the more the audience will create UGC. 
  • USE HASHTAGS: Make use of the trend of hashtags and create unique brand specific hashtags which makes it easier for the customers to share their UGC. 
  • ENGAGE WITH UGC: Respond to the UGC and like, comment and repost them. This helps to show the customers that their work is being seen and appreciated and they are encouraged to create more content. 


Traditional marketing tactics such as event marketing, hashtag campaigns, and direct mail can greatly enhance the marketing of a company. The purpose of integrating social media with traditional tactics is to reach a wider audience at the platforms where they are most active and responsive. This helps to get some valuable insights into the behavioral tactics of the customers and lets the brand improve its campaign effectively. You must hire a professional  digital marketing consultant to help you promote your brand through traditional marketing tactics.

Traditional Marketing Tactics To Use-

  • INFLUENCER MARKETING: Reach new audiences and promote traditional marketing by partnering with influencers on social media. 
  • CROSS-PROMOTION: Through cross-promotion you can benefit from both promoting traditional marketing through social media and vice versa. 
  • UGC: The user generated content should be shared on your social media and reposted on traditional marketing channels to promote your brand effectively. 
  • HASHTAG CAMPAIGNS: Hashtags can be quite useful in your marketing campaign. Create unique hashtags for your marketing campaigns and share them on various platforms. 
  • EVENT INTEGRATION: You must live stream events and make use of social media in the traditional event marketing. 


Social media can be used to gather valuable customer data and information about the preferences of the customers. Social media interactions such as likes, comments, shares and reviews help to get a deeper insight into the sentiments and behaviors of the customers. The feedback helps the companies to improve marketing strategies, identify the areas for improvement and enhance the overall customer experience leading to the growth of their business. 

Ways To Gather Customer Data Through Social Media-

  • Hashtag Tracking: Using hashtags to understand what the customers think about the brand and working on the marketing tactics and project development according to the feedback. 
  • Polls and Surveys: One of the best ways to gather valuable insight into the customer preferences and behavior through social media platforms.  
  • Listening Tools: These tools are used for the analysis of customer behavior and analyze the topics and trends which can be useful in creating marketing strategies. 
  • Analysis of UGC: User-generated content can be analyzed to gain insight into the customer behavior and preferences based on videos, photos and reviews. 


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