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Chase the Right Hashtag Strategy

20 Sep

Chase the Right Hashtag Strategy

Advice for Women Solopreneurs

Are you a women solopreneur, freelancer, social entrepreneur or a homepreneur who wants to create personal brands? Well, this is a big shout-out to you all.

Women-owned businesses are playing a significant role in generating revenue and creating job opportunities. These businesswomen are bridging the gaps of disparity and improving the economic status of not only the family but the country as a whole.

Online Presence Matters!!

The time has come for these businesswomen to start focusing on creating their personal brands. They need a smart Business Bio Website to support their brands.


Unfortunately, at current, they understand this fact but lack the expertise to market their content better. Let’s take the example of Hashtags. Most women use Instagram and Facebook. They post their stories regularly, but still fail to use appropriate traffic. The problem lies in the inappropriate usage of hashtags. 


Why Hashtags are Important

 The following points highlight the importance of hashtags

  • Identify the target audience   
  • Increase social media engagement
  • Attract new customers
  • Increasing one’s brand awareness

Yes, you can increase your post impressions and customer engagement by using hashtags. But you need to follow the steps to add the right kind of hashtags.

How to select Instagram Hashtags.

If you think selecting the right kind of hashtags is tough, then you are mistaken. Slight research on your part will do wonders for your personal brands.

  1. Identifying the Hashtags used by Running Influencers

You know your competitors. It is not wrong to track their postings. Analyze and identify applied hashtags of your competitors and influencers. By analyzing, you will get an idea regarding frequent hashtags. You can further analyze results against those hashtags. This whole process will surely provide fruitful results.

  1. Choosing the Hashtag that Suits your Needs

This can be used by using another very popular website Hashtagify.me. Here we can choose the desired hashtag from the list provided. This website has a unique feature of telling the gap between the chosen hashtag and that of the popular one.

  1. Assess the Chosen Hashtag

By exploring sites like Tite Tag, one can easily assess the hashtag using color coding. In other words, it shows the density of the tags used in terms of poor, good and overused categories.

Remember, you are building your own brand. To be a successful solopreneur you need to work on several fronts. Therefore, Once you are done with choosing the appropriate hashtags, start creating streams using a maximum of 3 keywords each.

If used the above tips wisely, any women solo entrepreneur, homepreneur or social entrepreneur can have a very healthy engaging relationship with online communities.

We are here to Help

In case you need any guidance in creating your business bio website you can easily check these templates. We are here to help you in creating your personal brands. We have been continuously transforming the lives of many women social entrepreneurs and solopreneurs and now it has become a passion for us.


Rajni Gobhil

Founder: MeriPehchan.Me

Creating Bio Websites & Helping Women solopreneurs/ homepreneurs in SMM /Content marketing/ Branding.

Connect at: contact@meripehchan.me

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