26 Apr


Why is training required in cyber security?
As we all know the only constant thing in this world is change and the IT industry has witnessed changes more than any industry. Cyber security has been a partner for IT during these changing times to prevent cybercrime. Hence, the industry that goes through so many changes keeps its professionals on its toes to meet the demand but cybersecurity training can help ease the work for professionals and freshers.

What instigates the demand for cyber security?
The data breach is costing an arm and a leg, enough to make an influential change in the company. Hence, it is more cost-effective to hire a professional to prevent breaching.
In the current time, not only professionals but also hackers are more sophisticated. This compels professionals to enhance their skills and gives them a chance to score high cyber security pay.
With fast-changing technology, everything is getting automated, which gives cybercriminals a chance of crimes. But if you are a cyber security professional, then it serves as a great career opportunity for you.
Anything and everything which has code is exposed to cybercrime but also expands the scope of cyber security.

Does the industry have enough opportunities for all?
Well, with relevant skills and a keen learning attitude, anyone can generate opportunities for them in any given field. In the case of cyber security, one can take up the desired role or opportunity as the market is facing a shortage of professionals. As per the research report of Deloitte, more than 60 percent of organizations are facing a shortage of staff. According to a report published by Forbes, nearly 45 percent of the cyber security department are facing a shortage of employees. So, why not take an early bird advantage and make a prominent position in the industry and get good cybersecurity pay.

Who should consider a cyber security training course?
Anyone willing to start a career in cybersecurity
A fresher with a graduate degree in any specialization can easily access the training course
An indecisive student can refer to the course for further guidance
Any professional in the IT department who wants to inculcate new skills in themselves
Any professional or fresher who wants to make a career change can start with these courses to get an insight into cyber security.
Any individual, who is willing to learn about cyber security to protect their data and network or just for education purposes.

Why is a cyber security course advisable for professionals?
A large portion of people believe that certification courses are only for fresher or entry-level employees as they are starting their career. If you closely observe the industry you’ll conclude that the IT sector has changed a lot and is changing every day. Brushing up their skills and staying updated on cybersecurity, training courses can be an easy way. Cybersecurity training courses can help professionals to get promoted to a higher position in an organization and hike their salaries.

What does a cyber security industry do?
Protect the confidentiality of data
prevent unethical hacking
block spammers
Create a strong database for any company
works against cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.
Review network activity
Looking for potential threats
This list is extensive and you can learn about these in a detailed manner in cyber security training.

What are cyber security training courses composed of?
The cyber security training courses arm the professionals and students to strive against both cyber crimes and competition in the industry. There are many certification courses that one can choose according to their interest. A few of those are:
Certified Information System Security Professional(CISSP)
Certified Ethical Hacking
Global Assurance Certification
Certified Information System Auditor(CISA)
Certified Information Security Manager(CISM)
CompTIA Security+
GIAC Security Essential Certification(GSEC)
System Security Certified Practitioner(SSCP)
GIAC Certified Incident Handler(GCIH)
Offensive Security Certified Professional(OSCP)
These certifications can help you to choose your subdomain and also help you to get better opportunities irrespective of prior qualifications.

What are the careers offered by cyber security?
There are many subdomains in cyber security with vast career opportunities. Here are some roles in the department:
Ethical hacker
Information Security manager
Network Security Manager
Cyber security analyst
Security Architect
Application Security Engineer
Malware Tester
Computer Forensic Analyst
Penetration Tester
Chief Information Security Officer
IT Security Consultant
Incident Responder
Forensic Expert
Security Manager
Security Auditor
The list can continue to a long extent. Anyone with the required skill set can crack a job and sustain their career. To make your journey a bit relieving you can make cyber security training your success partner.

Why does the government need cyber security?
Government websites, data, and agencies are attacked by several hackers every day. Some are just trying to trick them through emails which rarely works but many are sophisticated hackers who want to breach data and disrupt all the information. Government has a responsibility to protect huge data and several confidential documents to prevent a cyber attack. Hence, the government encourages cyber security training among employees and awareness among the citizens to avoid cyberattacks to the extent possible.

An industry with such good opportunities is a dream for many but only a few are willing to work for it. Many professionals are already enjoying the pay for their expertise and you can too, so, start now, because as they say ”a day late and a dollar short”.If you are a fresher, student, or professional, and you are willing to start your career or upgrade your career, then you should start your cyber security training journey without any further delay. As you’ll know it is not always possible to make up for the lost time.

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