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Does Oregano Oil Work to Fight Colds?

31 Jan

Does Oregano Oil Work to Fight Colds?

Carvacrol, an antibacterial component found in oregano oil, has been proven in certain trials to be as effective as conventional antibiotics in treating some illnesses, particularly those brought on by drug-resistant bacteria. A 2014 study indicated that medicinal-grade oregano oil efficiently protects humans from murine norovirus, according to research published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology. The oregano oil capsules have been studied to have a lot of health benefits and of them, fighting for the cold flu is one of the most popular choices.

To combat antibiotic resistance in chicken, some poultry farmers have even started using oregano oil in place of conventional antibiotics. However, just because oregano oil is a natural substance doesn’t imply you should use it carelessly. According to Boulder, Colorado-based essential-oil specialist Mindy Green, RA, RH, its potency is an excellent reason to utilise it, but with caution. In fact, pure wild oregano oil is not at all advised to ingest directly.

The liver, which metabolises the components of essential oils, including carvacrol, under long-term or high-dose use, might become overworked. Additionally, some medical professionals caution that oregano oil may lessen the diversity of intestinal bacteria.

What Dose of Oil of Oregano Should I Take?

Due to its potent flavour, Green advises taking the oil in capsules, but you can also take it straight by combining two drops with a teaspoon of a carrier oil, like olive oil. Never take oregano oil with just water since this can irritate the mucous membranes in the throat, oesophagus, and stomach. A carrier oil can help lessen these effects. She advises using just two or three drops, or 50 to 80 milligrammes, per dose. Use only products that are clearly marked as being intended for medical use, and stick to formulae that contain at least 80% carvacrol.
Additionally, Green advises against using oregano oil for more than a week. She advises taking one dose three times each day for the first two days. Afterward, take one capsule twice daily. After seven days, stop using it if your symptoms have not improved. Instead, look for another treatment option.

Some people use oregano oil daily as a preventative measure, although Green never advises that. Throughout the cold and flu season, she advises relying daily on immune-boosting herbal drinks like echinacea and thyme.

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