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Easy Control Panel offered by Mobile Spy App

02 Jun

Easy Control Panel offered by Mobile Spy App

As the internet has expanded the levels of communication, people are deliberately connecting with each other across the globe. It is easier to communicate with a person who is sitting on the other side of the sphere. As everything has pros and cons indulged in their characteristics, the internet also comes with some of the disastrous features. To protect your employees and children to get into a trouble you should have a parental control over the virtual world, which can only be attained by installing a Mobile Spy App.  A mobile spy app is designed in such a way that it monitors each and every application connected to the internet and sends the details on your control panel. The control panel is accessible through any device as it works on cloud sharing you can access it from anywhere.

The control panel allows you to have a remote access over all the chats and calls done from the target phone. It is discussed above that the internet comes with certain disadvantages which can result in the destruction of your child’s career and a matter of huge loss in the company accounts. 

Cons of the Virtual World 

Additional wastage of time by the employees and kids: As social media application has some of the fascinating features which are attracting people across the globe to use it all day long. It is seen that these features are attracting employees and kids to have an eye glued to the internet for long hours. The updates on pages and the chats done with strangers leads to an addiction to that application. This activity of employee and kids are making them less effective in tasks which are assigned to them. Kids are less concentrated over their homework and assignments as they want to just finish it off as early as possible being a little careless which can make their career take a wrong turn. It can be taken care of easily with mobile spy app. 

Ease to online perpetrators and Frauds in company’s confidential Data: Internet world comes with the risks of your kid’s indulged in with some of the online brutes which can affect your kid’s mental health in a destructive way. Cyber- crimes, like using fake accounts and posting some offensive photos and contents, are common these days. As kids are using the application in a regular manner they are more prone to get in contact with the demons sitting on the other side of the screen. These predators use such kind of manipulative phrases which can lead your kid to fall under their spell, they demand some personal photos and want to know about your personal whereabouts. Leading to the criminal offenses like cyberbullying or cyber-stalking. Users can control it with mobile spy app. 

The employees also not safe in the internet world. They may get some phishing emails which will give you the feel of authenticity of the website and asks you to enter your personal data and even your credit/debit card details. These hackers can hack your company’s data when you open these kinds of emails through the official network they inject some kind of malware which can give them access to all the company’s confidential data.

After getting informed about all the risks which come with the internet usage and social media application it is clear that as an employer and a parent you should have a parental control over the cyber world of your kid’s and employees. The Advantages and features which will help you in taking preventive steps for your kids and employees are explained further in the article. Employee monitoring can easily be done with the help of mobile spy app

Advantages and Features of Installing a Mobile Spy App

  • Contacts Tracker: A Mobile Spy app will give you a complete directory of the contacts which are saved after installing the application. Spy phone software gives you the details of the contact with its number and name given by the user. 

This feature is very much useful for the parents and employers as they can have the track of all the contacts which are being saved by their employees and kids. This will give you the track of all the newly met people in your kid’s and employees’ life.

  • Call logs and Call Recording: When you install a Mobile Spy App it comes with a hidden call recorder for mobile which will record all the calls whether it’s incoming or outgoing. The spy phone app provides you a download link containing an audio file of the call. The call log feature will give you the details of the calls which are made and received by the kid and employees. The mobile spy will provide you a graph of frequent callers and receivers with the call duration and time stamp.

Call logs and recordings feature to play a crucial role in having a clear view of the conversation of your employees and child in a day. Easy surveillance of the calls made to employees and may to unauthorized authorities from the company’s official mobile phone.

  • Chat and E-Mails Tracker: All the emails sent through Google, Yahoo and Outlook platform. The control panel provided by the Mobile spy app shows you the email and the contact person with its email address. All the chats done through various instant messaging application are tracked with their usernames and shown on your control panel. 

This feature made it easier for the parent and employer to have a close eye over the chats and emails sent and received. Problems of getting in contact with the predators online and the fraud emails can be monitored through this feature. Also, if an employee is loyal towards your rival company and leaking all the company’s confidential data to them can be monitored through this feature.

  • Location Tracker: The Mobile Spy App allows you to track the location of your kids and employee’s smartphone. Spy phone software works on GPS network once it is connected to the internet. 

Location tracker provides the exact location which will help those employers whose employees is working on the field. They may use the company’s property for their personal use.


These are certain features which make an employer and parent have a complete control over their kids and employees.


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