Get social media as a career with a digital marketing certificate

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Get social media as a career with a digital marketing certificate

If you spend a lot of time online, then social media is a suitable career for you. The world of social media is constantly evolving and changing, and businesses everywhere are looking for people who understand the digital landscape’s importance. 

Growing on social media isn’t as simple as publishing a few things and hoping for the best. But it demands specialized skills and knowledge that can help make you an asset to any business. If you’re considering moving into a social media career, get a digital marketing certificate now! 


Is social media marketing a good career?


Curious about helping brands tell their stories to audiences that care? Working in social media marketing allows you to tell stories through words, photos, videos, audio and more. Therefore, it’s a role where every day will be different. Working as a social media marketer offers you a lot of variety in the workplace, which many people seek in their careers.

Likewise, Unschool is an OTT platform for online courses to empower students to become industry-ready through courses and internships. It offers students a digital marketing course online, giving a walkthrough of the digital world. Sounds exciting right?

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Tips for doing daily tasks while working in social media marketing include:

  • Creating and implementing organic and paid social media campaigns
  • Communicating with customers/potential customers and building communities 
  • Cooperating with staff to develop their personal social media presence 
  • Collaborating with influencers/other creatives to produce content for social media platforms 
  • Tracking the success of social media campaigns and optimizing future campaigns

Moreover, social media marketing offers excellent job security, flexibility, and earning potential.


How do I get a job in social media?


Are you interested in a job in social media? One of the best ways is to create your own social media presence. For instance, if you’re looking to work with businesses to help grow their LinkedIn presence, producing your profile will help you understand what content works there, and what doesn’t.

Absorbing yourself in the world of social media will offer potential employers that you can effectively grow a platform from a small start – which is often the case with corporate profiles that might not have been a focus for the business in years gone by. 

Getting a digital marketing course online can also help you stand out when applying for social media-related roles. Prospective employers seek candidates who have completed courses to reduce and elevate their understanding of social media.


Where can I find social media jobs?


Now that you’ve decided you want a job in social media, it’s essential to know where to look! In addition to the regular job posting sites like LinkedIn, Naukri and Ethical Jobs to help you find roles you might miss elsewhere. Setting up job alerts tailored to your experience/interests regarding social media means you’ll be the first to know when your dream job is posted!


Building a portfolio for yourself to get inbound leads about potential social media jobs. Moreover, update your resume by highlighting your digital marketing certificate to give you an upper hand among the candidates.  


Interested in becoming a social media manager, or just want to enhance your social media skills? Unschool’s online digital marketing courses offers 20+ in-demand hands-on digital marketing tools, SEO Tools, social media marketing tools, keyword research tools, analytics tools and many more.


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