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Hidden Call recorder app the complete monitoring software

24 Apr

Hidden Call recorder app the complete monitoring software

Even though there are lots of instant messaging applications which are available to carry out a conversation but there are certain important messages which can’t be done on calls. A hidden call recorder app allows you to record all the calls which are made or received by the target Android phone. The hidden call recorder app comes with all the monitoring features which can be helpful for the employees or the kids. Because of the social media networking sites have made it easier to connect with everyone but these applications don’t allow the benefits of a complete conversation. 

The hidden call recorder app provides you to listen to all the conversation which are done through the calls. Kids who are seen on call frequently once they come home are more prone to be indulged with some of the predators. Kids are mostly seen as sensitive when it comes to talking about their friends and acquaintances. Nowadays kids want to keep everything hidden from their parents, because of the environmental influence where they are living in school or social media every single thing is inappropriate when it comes to the mind of a teenager. Even employers who have seen employees continuously talking on the phone and giving the reason that they have been talking to the client they can be tracked down from the call recordings. 

Benefits of Hidden call recorder app to the parents 

A Hidden Call Recorder for Android smartphones allows you to listen to all the calls which are recorded by the call recorder. As a parent, it is very important to check on the calls and messages which was sent or received by your child. Hidden call recorder for mobile allows you to have a close ear on the calls which was made or received by the kid in a day. The hidden call recorder application provides you with a control panel on which you will get notified as and when the call is made. If the phone is not under a WIFI zone or not connected to the internet you will receive a link through which you can download the application on your phone. A hidden spy app for android not only monitors the call but it also monitors various applications which are installed on your kid’s Android mobile phones. The application monitors every each and every social media messenger including dating application like Tinder. So, by the record and the details collected by the hidden call recorder application you can get the whole scenario. It is seen that social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder allows strangers to add you and chat with you. These strangers maybe good for your child and can also be a predator who can use the data provided by your child for their personal advantage which may be related for sexual gains or maybe financial gains by kidnapping and demanding extortion fees. 

Benefits of Hidden call recorder app to the employees

The employer can monitor their employees effectively through the Hidden call recorder app. The Hidden call recorder for Android allows the users to track the chats which are done through the instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Hike applications. These are some of the applications which are seen to be used by the employees just for their entertainment. As per a report summary from the US, it is seen that an average employee works for 6 hours only out of 8 hours of their working shift. The rest of the time is seen idling on these social media applications. These hidden call recorder for mobile send you the details of browsing history with the link of the site and name of the site. The Hidden spy app for Android allows the user to track all the emails which are sent to different emailing platforms such as Google, Yahoo, and Outlook emails. Hidden call recorder for Android allows you to look upon all the contacts which are saved on the official mobile phones after installing the application. Also, as it provides you to track all the communication medium you can filter those employees who are coming in office who are not serious about the tasks which are assigned to them and also those employees who are more loyal for your rival company and leaking your confidential data and potential clients to them.

Onemonitor Hidden Call Recorder

Onemonitor Hidden call recorder app allows you to completely monitor all the data which is present on your kids and employees’ mobile phones. The applications and calls are completely monitored by the Hidden call recorder application. The important features of Onemonitor Hidden Call Recorder app are:

  1. Contact Tracker
  2. Location Tracker
  3. Call Logs
  4. Call Recordings
  5. Surround Sound Recording
  6. Spy on WhatsApp chats
  7. Spy on Facebook Chats
  8. Spy on Tinder
  9. Spy on Hike Chats
  10. Spy on Line Chats
  11. Spy on Kik messenger 
  12. Photos
  13. Screenshots 
  14. Google Mails 
  15. Yahoo Mails
  16. Outlook Mails

These are some of the major monitoring features which are offered by the Hidden Call Recorder app. In order to download the application, you need to follow the certain steps: 

  • Visit the site Onemonitor.in
  • After visiting the website choose the subscription offers which will suffice your monitoring needs.
  • Check the compatibility of the target phone with the application. The application is compatible with almost all the Android phones.
  • Once satisfied with the features and compatibility you can choose to check the demo of your control panel through which you can have the basic idea of the working of your control panel.
  • The demo will make you understand the best working of the application. In order to buy the application, click on the buy now button. The website will redirect you to the payment page on which you have to enter certain credentials and the mode through which you want to make the payment.
  • Once the payment has been made by you check your email inbox the website has sent you the link through which you can download the .apk file of the application, your login credential to your control panel and also an installation guide. 
  • It will take less than 5 minutes to install and run the software on the target phone.

The application will notify you about the new messages which are sent and received once it is connected to the internet of WIFI. For any further troubles related to the installation of the application, you can connect to the Onemonitor technical experts through calling or by taking the option of online chat support which is there on the website.

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