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Keep yourself motivated and engaged during an online internship

As we get further towards the end of college, next what? Since everything is moving online, the same applies to the internship. Many companies offer an online internship program to students. It has become easier to study and learn simultaneously.  

In addition, work from the home internship is just different from the classroom. It’s a bit more challenging for students to stay active who are experiencing this for the first time. So if you are trying to figure out how to stay motivated for an online internship, check these 5 strategies:


  1. Build a sense of community

One challenge of online internship programs is that students often feel quite isolated. Consider how you can direct contact, through emails, instant messages and video, with your mentors, helping them see how you are invested in this internship. In addition, it encourages interns to see each other as resources through methods like peer feedback, peer review, and more.


  1. Help students feel like they can succeed

When interns feel capable of succeeding, they are more likely to survive. Consider how to structure tasks so students can experience “quick wins” on the way to more complex challenges. In addition, seeing how similar peers progressed can help motivate interns who might otherwise feel unlikely to succeed. As experts state, unpaid or paid internships offer the same invaluable experience for interns to get encouraged in their desired field. 


  1. Establish ways to monitor progress

If interns aren’t sure how they are doing, they may not engage productively. Establishing and communicating explicit goals during the work-from-home internship is important. Even though the internship is offline, there are various tools to monitor the progress. Mentors make sure to take the progress report and give feedback accordingly. Moreover, interns will get acquainted with using tools like Asana, Slack and more.


  1. Reward and celebrate success

While it is true that online internship has its perks and reward. As a result, it motivates campus ambassador interns to perform well. Moreover, the reward can be a promotion of full-time employee from an intern. Focus on a rewarding good effort, progress, and the learning behaviors you want to see more of, not just achievement. Likewise, ULead offers a subscription to Zomato, Spotify, or more to the high performer interns. 


  1. Relate your domain to future plans

It can be hard to stay motivated when we don’t see the value in our actions. One important source of value for online internships is taking a step toward corporate culture. The best part of the internship is that interns can explore different domains. This helps the students to gain a brief insight into the field. 


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