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Mini Bus Rental

22 Apr

Mini Bus Rental

Whether it’s for a 20 passenger bus rental, 15 passenger van rental, or even an 18 passenger bus rental, Corporate Express, Inc. is more than happy to assist you with this. Our NY Mini Bus Rental is founded on over 30 years of experience and a passion for helping you with your group travel needs.

Our Mini Buses let you rent a bus for various occasions, which could be:

Sports Events:- getting to and from the sporting event with the sports team or important members, such as coaches and sponsors.

School Events:- keep students safe and sound with our dependable NY mini bus rental service.

Religious Group Events:- transport patrons safely to religious events and places of worship.

Private Trips:- family reunions, adventures, NYC sightseeing together, and much more use for private trips with Corporate Express, Inc.

Wedding Events:- attend a wedding as a group with a minibus rental for a more comfortable day – this way, you can drink and enjoy the wedding without worrying about the trip there/home.

Senior Transportation:- transport groups of seniors safely and at their own pace with their private minibus.

And so much more.

When you rent a minibus with a driver, you’re putting your safety in the hands of our expert team, who have driven many group travelers all over NYC. Furthermore, we help you plan the entire trip for a smooth outcome, so no stones are unturned. Everything from setting the pickup and drop off times to destinations and time schedule – we can take all of your information and coordinate the perfect form of group transportation for you.

Renting a bus for NYC destinations and group travel is made very simple with Corporate Express, Inc. Send us the necessary details, we’ll give you a quote and vehicle recommendation, make a payment, and that’s it! You can handle other more important matters for the event while we plan the trip for you

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