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Non-technical online courses that help your career

Not all of us have engineering backgrounds, and not everyone is interested in technical job roles like coding. Technology is undoubtedly the industry to be in if you want a job with considerable growth, but there are careers outside of IT that should be considered. Due to the rising demand for several top non-technical job roles, even IT companies are recruiting for positions in sales, marketing, business development, human resources, and finance, to name a few.


Likewise, Unschool, an e-learning platform, helps students become industry-ready. It is the platform where you can finally stop trying to fit in a system crafted for the masses and learn in a unique way that brings out the best version of you. Moreover, it offers online certificate programs designed to prepare you for the future and give you the practical, raw knowledge that only an industry expert can deliver.


Now, let’s check and investigate further the most in-demand non-technical skills and the most well-liked online courses with certification to consider for a non-tech career. Let’s investigate further to learn more.


The various sectors a non-tech candidate can work in


A non-tech candidate can work in different sectors and take up different job roles. Working professionals in domains like management, product design, and marketing are highly demanding across multiple industries. With the job market expanding, various non-technical job opportunities are emerging with alluring compensation packages. Let’s take a deep dive into a non-tech background to work in:


Marketing/Advertising: Marketing is the complete strategy for communicating with customers about a brand. Advertising is one aspect of marketing that is typically a paid form intended to lead to sales. Marketing and advertising have openings for various non-tech roles and are emerging with new job roles every day because marketing and advertising are in-demand across multiple sectors. 

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Sales and Business Management: The job responsibilities in sales and business management contain establishing a company strategy that addresses the control of sales, revenue, and expenses. Thereby obtaining the projected sales targets, setting personal sales goals with the sales team, tracking sales targets, and providing updates as needed. This sector provides employment opportunities to non-tech candidates with various job roles. An online internship program is suitable if you want to explore this domain. However, ULead is offering a paid online internship to students to upskill. 


Retail Management: Planning, controlling profit and loss, handling cash at the store, and compiling daily sales and other relevant reports are all responsibilities that fall under retail management. Retail management is a recently emerging sector that delivers various non-tech job opportunities to individuals. 


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Online courses certification help you learn at your convenience


Career development and interests

You have more freedom to study online. You can easily fit your work schedule and your hobbies around your coursework.


Flexible studying environment

With online learning, you can study anywhere you want to. Likewise, Unschool’s online certificate programs allow you to learn at your own pace. 


Comparatively cost-effective

When you study online, you must pay for tuition, potentially for textbook materials, but an online application fee is a one-time investment. However, because you don’t pay for housing or transportation, you have less debt and more money in your savings.


All the above are options to get your hands on non-technical jobs. If you are a non-engineer, explore the Unschool’s online certificate programs to kickstart your career.


All the best!

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