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PHD college in Delhi NCR

27 Dec

PHD college in Delhi NCR

Are you looking for a part-time Ph.D. in India? And also looking for the best Ph.D. college or universities in Rajasthan? We are here to fulfill your wish according to your need. This article will help you a lot.

What is Ph. D.?

A Ph.D. is a postgraduate doctoral degree or which is also known as a Doctor of Philosophy. This degree is considered to be the highest degree which is available at Ph.D. Universities in Rajasthan. Those who complete an original thesis that contributes new knowledge to their field are awarded a Ph.D. It is available in all disciplines and virtually every academic field. By the way, Ph.D. is both part-time and full-time, it is your choice what you are deciding according to your comfort.


Part-time Ph.D.- Students who wish to work while completing their thesis or who have other work and life commitments can choose part-time Ph.D. degrees. A part-time Ph.D. can take up to four years to complete.

Advantages of Part-time Ph.D. – Ph.D. students studying part-time have substantial advantages, including access to university labs, offices, library resources, and supervisors. Usually, the fees for part-time students are a fraction of the cost for full-time students.

Taking a Ph.D. part-time will allow you to finish the degree in several years, and it is easy to work around work or commitments.

There are a variety of part-time Ph.D. funding options available to prospective students. Read on to learn more about them.

Before choosing a Ph.D., consider the following points:

  • High Qualification

PhDs are higher degrees that focus on specific fields of study. The candidate must therefore focus on specialized research while pursuing a Ph.D.

  • Diverse Career Options

In India as well as abroad, a Ph.D. is among the highest degrees. Students with degrees have a very good chance of succeeding in life. For students to succeed in their careers, they need to have the right skills and knowledge. Getting a teaching job in a university is the most popular career path after a doctorate. You may also be able to find work as an R&D professional, industrial professional, start-up mentor, etc. Research groups within industrial organizations are common in industrial settings. These groups help design new products and plan strategies. Ph.D. holders have a variety of career options. It is possible for students to work in R&D, research industries, start-ups, or academic publishing.

  • Knowledge-Based Degree

Your Ph.D. can provide you with in-depth knowledge of a particular subject. Additionally, independent research validates a student’s abilities. A Ph.D. degree requires the successful completion of coursework and dissertation. 


How long does it take to complete a part-time Ph.D.?

The typical time it takes for a part-time Ph.D. is four years depending on how much work you put into it and how long the university offers you. It might take less time than you initially thought, or it might take more time depending on how busy you are.

On average a Ph.D. full-time takes three years to complete while a part-time takes 1 year more compared to full-time.

Is there a university in Rajasthan for Ph.D.?

There are many institutions that offer doctoral degrees, including a part-time Ph.D. program in Rajasthan, which is a famous university. The OPJS University is the best Ph.D. university in Rajasthan that offers a part-time or full-time course

Eligibility for Ph.D. in India

Find out what the Ph.D. admissions criteria are below.

  • The Post-Graduate Experience

The minimum post-graduation grade for students is 55%. However, those applying to Ph.D. programs from SC/ST/OBS/specially-abled groups must have at least 50% in post-graduation. A Ph.D. applicant with previous work experience in a similar field is preferable.

  • Entrance

Ph.D. applicants are required to take some national entrance exams, such as the CSIR-UGC-NET, GATE, UGC-NET, etc. A Ph.D. entrance test is conducted by some universities followed by a round of interviews for admission.

  • Interview

Interviews are sometimes conducted by universities after entrance tests. In this way, students can find information about the interview on the websites of the respective universities/institutes.

  • Experience

Ph.D. applications should be submitted by students with prior work experience in the area of interest.


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