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Selling Information Via The Classified Advertising Niche

As a promotional avenue, the classified advertising niche maintains one of the highest degrees of profitability as it’s associated with (almost) exclusively BUYER traffic at the very outset. A prime example of a process known as arbitrage, at its’ simplest, there’s a connection made between a buyer and seller for a hefty agency fee (in relation to the minimal amount of Effort invested). Do yourself a favor and pre-qualify high-traffic ad sites using high PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority) site evaluators so as to not waste time on crappy-performing non-contenders. OF COURSE, always suss out this info by asking search engines what are the Top 100 best copywriting submission locales.

Many ad sites choose the free, account-based model, letting advertiser revenue help pay their bills while helping add some extra site content. A multiplicity of site accounts require you to maintain a tracking system to determine where your effort has the most impact. Your choice of headline helps determine ad click-through traffic generation. You’ll need to make it somewhat “clickbait-y” to grab all scanner eyeballs. A quick, easy cheat for this is ascii character usage like 😎🤑😻. The characters are turned into Emojis upon posting for greater visual impact, and, combined with a must-read title guarantees at least some guaranteed BUYER traffic for those whom the title/emoji resonate with. As ubiquitous as the arrangement is, not all classified ad websites are equipped with the necessary backstage coding blocks that allows this to happen auto-magically, so always be prepared to revise your ad titles if you get ????? in place of your Emoji.

The need for correct category placement is a necessity for the generation of consistent and laser-targeted pre-qualified buyer traffic to your profit project URL over a pre-determined period of time. Treating this process as the profit model that it really is will add weight to your commercial promotions professionalism quotient and ensure even more product units are moved daily. The sale of profit-based info structured in easily-digestible instructional formatting is the best way to earn cash quickly and easily!

This allows the Seller to assume the role of Entrepreneur while eliminating all time spent under the aegis of “employee”. The motivation is the speed at which income can manifest in or across multiple niche categories simultaneously. For example, the most popular (& profitable) information for sale currently involves the Make Money Online (MMO) niche and mutates out to several other acronymics like PTC (Paid-To-Click), PTR (Paid-To-Read), and PTP (Paid-To-Promote), which all congregate under the Get-Paid-To (GPT) banner!

You’ll find your highest sale margins occur with speed-based, step-by-step formatted “How-To” tutorials on either getting paid from providing expert advice on sought-after topics or service resources and the specific tools needed to leverage them. People will obviously be more apt to purchase from the vendor who can tell them how to make money on or offline, in the relative range of between five minutes and twenty-four hours. All the hottest-selling information products bill themselves as solutions within this time-frame range and you’ll want to concentrate on this exclusively.

Unless you’re moving proven high-ticket items that happen to sell themselves, also plan more on using classifieds to either distribute no-cost .doc or .pdf files with promotional (and bribe-worthy) copywriting content or to help grind up laser-targeted opt-in email lists via external lead capture pages or domain-based webpages. Whatever your choice of freebie, include multiple referral URLs for your highest-paying affiliate programs and any other source of revenue based on traffic generation.

As organization is a key ingredient in any ecommerce enterprise, prepare beforehand with a pre-scripted action plan designed to keep the project on point and in-bounds of Effort expenditure. Create a local machine basecamp for sale inventory, resourcing, and extraneous tools so you’re not running around like a chicken with its’ head severed from its’ neck. Having a high-level of organization will allow to “fly by the seat of your pants” and to seize on adjacent, relevant profit parameters without losing step and eventually crashing from entropic disarray.

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