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Set and achieve your goals in your online internship program

09 Mar

Set and achieve your goals in your online internship program

The new year of 2023 has already started, and it’s that nerve-wracking time of the year again. It is time to set your career, reflect on it, and assess your progress. Whether personal or professional, the mid-year months are a standard time to revamp any goals and ensure you end the year with plenty of “wins” to look back on.


Likewise, during the work-from-home internship you might get a lot of tasks to do and even struggles with the deadlines. Therefore, I have assembled some points to how to set your goals.

Let’s check

  1. Review your progress so far
  2. Identify what you want to achieve 
  3. Be realistic
  4. Set deadlines

Review your progress so far

Before assigning yourself new objectives, review any progress you’ve made since starting your unpaid or paid online internship. Take the time to celebrate any successes you’ve had so far – big or small, before jumping to your next challenge. Who knows, you may have already achieved a good portion of your goals for the year; now you’ve got space to create a few new ones!


On the other hand, avoid focusing on your weaknesses. Rather, leverage these “gaps” as opportunities to enhance your skills, experience, and knowledge for the future.


Determine what you want to achieve 

Once you’ve decided to enroll for a work-from-home internship in your chosen domain, make it worth it. List down what you want to learn from this internship and, accordingly, start your journey. The more specific, the better; these details help you plan the exact steps toward success.

Vague targets are also often the cause of why goals fall flat in the first place. 

Be realistic

Of course, it’s essential to be realistic about your capacity both skill and time-wise. Some interns are still in their graduation year and enrolled in internships, which is good suggested by experts. If you have plenty of studies or projects, then enroll for an online internship rather than an offline internship. It will save you time and cost as well. Moreover, it is flexible and does not demand 9 to 5 attendance.

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Set deadlines

Finally, planning ahead and setting deadlines is a must. This goes hand-in-hand with clear, definite goals; without a set date to work towards, your progress may fall by the wayside. In your unpaid or campus ambassador, there will be some task deadlines. Make sure you follow the deadlines and contact your mentor if you encounter any issues. 


However, internships help you get into a real corporate zone that helps you become industry ready. Therefore ensure that you are making this internship worth it. 

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