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Work-from-home paid internship for students

17 Feb

Work-from-home paid internship for students

As the pandemic continues to spread, organisations like the World Health Organization and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend strategies to ease the spread in communities. A big part of keeping people healthy involves minimising contact at work and during the commute.

But for interns it is new, and it can be a real challenge because they have encountered such a situation. Many students hesitated to apply for online internships because they were clueless about them. 


Maximise the technology your company has to offer

Confirm the tools available to you while working online. In simple words, practising with new technology. It may also mean remembering to take home simple items from your desk or asking your employer for what you think you need.

It might help interns get accustomed to the trending technology used during work-from-home internship


Set expectations now with your boss and colleagues about communication


Agree where, when, and how to best communicate with your team to create awareness and enable efficiencies. Take the initiative to schedule meeting times and quick check-ins. There are many apps like Asana, Skype, or more to communicate with your mentor. Also, consider less email and more talking, primarily via video conferencing. Leave your video camera during meetings to show that you listen attentively. These gestures will help impress your mentor in your unpaid or paid internship.


Make networks 


Plan breaks or consider extending virtual meetings to account for the chit-chats you miss by not being in the office. Extra time in a meeting makes a difference in the quality and depth of a work discussion.

However, an online internship helps you network with your colleagues. You can ask about people’s work experiences, families or even the photos you now see on their walls. You can introduce your dog, share funny memes or just talk about how everyone is coping with the current situation. Mostly just be human.


Set working hours for work


Unplugging is just tough when you work from home. Work can bleed into every part of your day if you let it. Set consistent hours and socialise your schedule with colleagues. Get up, get out of your PJs and get dressed in the morning. Follow your regular morning routine as much as you can and login and start your working day.

You may not be commuting, but set aside time in the morning to help them log in and get started with their online lessons. 

Communicate those needs to your mentor. During the day, block out work time, reclaim your lunch, and get away from your desk. Take short breaks and don’t let working from home merge into your evening or family time. You can do all these in your unpaid or paid internship to make a habit for the future.


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