STERP Software Pvt. Ltd.
15 July 2022
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STERP Software Pvt. Ltd.

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Our journey began in 2003, when Mr. Ramesh Patel established the company. With offices in Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA, STERP Software Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Shanti Technology) is a leader in manufacturing and engineering the best ERP software. More than 17 years ago, we made the conscious decision to specialise in one market segment; since then, we've made it our mission to provide unwavering dedication to our clients in that one market.

There are a lot of options when it comes to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in India, but STERP stands out as the best of the bunch because to its cutting-edge features like automated workflows and seamless integration with other systems. Intelligent, paperless software is here, ready to boost your business's efficiency and productivity by improving collaboration and response time.

Your engineering company will benefit greatly from STERP, one of India's leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software providers. STERP communicates with all of your company's departments and integrates all of your business's functionalities to give you a bird's eye view of your data in the form of countless detailed reports and graphs.

Our comprehensive familiarity with Engineering Business procedures ensures a smooth and rapid rollout. Streamline every facet of your business operations with the aid of our ERP software by discovering more efficient ways to link your resources. We offer a method to consolidate your conventional business and all of its subsystems (including CRM, production, and financial reporting) into a unified whole.

When it comes to engineering businesses, our solutions are unlike anything else on the market since they are tailored to the way people operate today. Important IT initiatives are highlighted. These measures minimise potential dangers while maximising the uptime of the relevant systems or processes. It helps you get new initiatives up and running quickly while you focus on core business operations.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the industry leader in providing cutting-edge ERP solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout the world.

Our Values:

●    Trust:

As far as we're concerned, trust is the most important aspect of any partnership. Consequently, we employ all available means to construct it. The same level of integrity is appreciated and demanded from you. We're open and honest but may also be discreet as need. In the company of one other, as well as our business partners and clients, we are able to be open and honest without fear of repercussions.

●    Empathy:

We take into account the wants, thoughts, and emotions of others in order to meet their requirements and meet their obstacles while maintaining their corporate principles and achieving their business goals. We pay attention, make an effort to comprehend, and respond accordingly. In order to strengthen our bonds with one another, we are flexible, open to new ideas, and willing to work together to reach a common goal.

●    Collaboration:

Whether it's an internal team effort or a project with a customer, we always encourage a collaborative mindset. All parties involved participate in the creation of and adherence to agreed-upon guidelines and procedures. Our focus shifts to that of a partner, and we actively participate in meeting our shared objectives while also offering our assistance, ideas, and insights.

●    Commitment:

We are reliable because we invest our time, knowledge, and effort into fulfilling our commitments and remaining true to our word. We put in long hours and have genuine passion for our work. We expect the best from ourselves and work hard to deliver results that are as good as promised.

●    Innovation:

The newest developments in technology are quickly absorbed by our team of insatiable students. This aids in the development of an atmosphere conducive to inventiveness. This ensures that we are able to bring the appropriate expertise to bear on each project. We are known for our creative thinking. To achieve our aims, we are not hesitant to attempt new things or modify our existing processes.

Our Strategy:

With the help of ERP, management may design a production flow that is optimal in every respect. The system also ensures that all relevant parties have access to the most recent and accurate data for making informed management decisions and directing, monitoring, and optimising strategic policies. Transparency is achieved by a unified reporting system, which in turn facilitates the simplification of administrative processes and the reduction of associated expenses.

Following implementation, ERP aids in staying on top of most of the things, which is critical in today's uncertain business climate. New competitors entering the market, prices increase, operations are impacted by new regulations, and so on. However, ERP software enables an enterprise-wide information and communication infrastructure that updates all decision makers in real time and equips them to make sound, well-informed decisions.

Contact Information
Phone: 9099039239
Address: A23, Sunita Society, Near Akota Garden Circle, BPC Road, Akota, Vadodara – 390020, Gujarat, India., India, 390020
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