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5 Online Internship Program Interview Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

18 Jan

5 Online Internship Program Interview Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

As interviews are foundational to get your foot in the door, it is vital to ignore mistakes to make a great first impression!


Apart from having a star resume, you must get ready to leave a remarkable impression in an interview. Therefore, your performance allows the recruiter to gauge your value and personality.

To help you bag your work-from-home internship and breeze through your interviews in 2023, we discuss, in this blog, 6 errors to avoid in an interview in the new year.


Let’s dive in!


  1. Not investigating the company before the interview


Research is the key to a job interview, and the biggest mistake you can make is to skip this step.

Learning about a company’s vision, mission, and work culture, can help you prepare better and deliver insight into the company before you go for the interview.

Moreover, studying a company will help you answer interview questions effectively and give you direction regarding the conversation, ideas, and more. As a result, it proves to the employers that you are taking this online internship as a serious task by getting well-versed in the company’s background. 


  1. Not coming online before the interview

As time management is a respected skill, being late during an interview reflects poorly on your professional level and time management. Whether it is an online or in-person interview, you must confirm you are on time.

Keeping in mind the significance of first impressions, you should try to be on time and avoid any potential hassle. Remember, nowadays unpaid, or paid internship programs are considered for testing the candidates to determine whether they are worth it r not. Therefore, all these small things will lessen your chances of getting selected. 


  1. Not preparing to impress

As we speak about first impressions, several things go into ensuring a great professional image during an interview. While preparing for an interview, remember the following things:

  1. Dressing properly

Being well-prepared is not sufficient for an interview; you must also be well-presented, and the first step towards it is to dress professionally and confidently. Even though you appear for an online internship interview, you should maintain the dress code. 


  1. Maintaining poor body language

You should be alert, focused, and sitting upright in your chair during the interview. If you appear uninterested, it may get interpreted as unfriendliness or arrogance. During an interview, good body language will go a long way


  1. Not preparing how to answer interview questions

Interviews are always nerve-racking for interns as well as professionals. So prepare as much as possible to put your best foot forward! As you know, you should always prepare to answer standard interview questions before the interview. Answering these questions confidently will indicate your readiness and interest! A positive reaction from the recruiter will, in turn, build your confidence and help you ace the interview! Therefore make sure to give your best and gear up for the unpaid or paid internship interviews. 


  1. Not asking the recruiter any questions

As the interview is about to end, the recruiter will ask you if you have any questions for them.

This part is the golden opportunity to show the recruiter your interest in the role, the company, and the research. It is also a great opportunity to gather wisdom about the company’s work culture, expectations, and potential team.

Not having any questions for the recruiter at the end of your interview indicates a lack of research and preparation and displays a lack of interest. Below is the tip how to do it:

  • Explore your role and the company well while training for the interview
  • Prepare some questions based on your study. These could be about your role, the company’s work culture, or any queries, among other things
  • If the recruiter has already answered a prepared question, do not repeat again
  • Do not ask any personal or close-ended questions. 


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