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5 Popular Productivity Tools for Online Internship Programs

19 Oct

5 Popular Productivity Tools for Online Internship Programs

Companies’ working environments have been revolutionised. Some interns lack how to adapt to work-from-home internships and how to thrive there. As a result, this new work- and lifestyle inherently guided us to the different methodologies for completing the task at hand, which was usually achieved offline.

About 88% of firms worldwide have enforced complete online internships for interns.

Well, shifting from one habitat to another has never been easy. This “new” world of digital tools is challenging for many interns who weren’t a part of this world before. Therefore, finding ways to make it easier for interns to adapt is best. This blog will refer to 5 different productivity tools for an online internship program.


5 Productivity Tools for Online Internship


#1. Slack (For Communication)

It is perhaps the most revolutionary application for people working from home. Slack replaces the traditional over-the-cubicle quick conversation with 1-to-1, group and company-level chat systems well-channelized based on various topics.

To Kill Emails, Slack Connect even permits employees to communicate with other stakeholders like customers and partners. Therefore, to keep communications quick, fun and fresh, you can employ various emojis and even upload your custom emoji.


Likewise, interns should get on board with Slack during their unpaid or paid internships to make it a habit to become industry ready. 

#2. Jell (For Organising Tasks)

If your doing your online internship is technical and setting tasks can make your task easier with Jell. It has ranked seems to be the perfect application for you. The only reason Jell exists is to help make the WFH internship easier.

The app allows you to set up daily standups and tasks for the employees, linking these to other applications like Microsoft Teams, GitHub, etc. With real-time goal sharing, Jell looks forward to maintaining the integration between different departments and delivering accountability dashboards.


#3. Google Drive (For Asset Management)

Google is one of the most innovative tech companies in bringing change. Google Drive is arguably the best cloud-based asset management tool. It helps companies keep all their hassle-free documents in one place and can attach any file to emails without creating a copy. The best part of the tool is that everything is happening in real-time. Interns doing work-from-home internships with stipends have stated that google drive is the best platform to work on. 


#4. 10to8 (For Schedules and Meetings)

While you’re busy completing your tasks before the deadline, someone else’s duty is to take care of your calendar and appointments with various colleagues. 

This application is designed for remote workers or interns who find it hard to keep track of all their meetings and virtual appointments. To simplify, the application considers the difference in time zones and finds the most suitable hour for both parties.

Apart from this, the app follows high-level compliance with security policies and provides the utmost protection of your information. For an online internship program, students need to attend all the meetings to update their work.


#5. Time Doctor (For Time Management and Productivity Accounting)

One of the best applications to account for work done is called Time Doctor. It tracks the time spent on a project and even helps with client billing for the job done. The team manager can also add interns or freelancers to projects and keep them updated and accountable for tasks and deadlines.

With their cool nudge feature, interns and co-workers can be reminded to work on different projects when their productivity level decreases. On the other hand, employee time can be used to process bills and payroll making life easier for the team manager.


Final note


After the pandemic, many students opt for online internship programs due to their flexibility. Now that every business is onboarded on the work-from-home concept, it has become easier to apply outside the native nation, saving costs. 

Therefore, the new corporate culture of working from home will become a lifestyle choice. This blog’s productivity tools for online internships will greatly help team leaders and interns for the foreseeable future.

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