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5 Ways Using Data Science to Improve Customer Service

13 Feb

5 Ways Using Data Science to Improve Customer Service

Faster than ever, technology is developing at an accelerated rate. You won’t believe it, but Germany’s 2014 FIFA World Cup victory was aided by one of the hottest trends in technology: big data. Surprisingly, it was possibly the first time in soccer history that a team conducted in-depth research before the championship game.


And all the credit belongs to the technological wonder that has greatly improved our quality of life. When it comes to data science, it has revolutionized practically every industry and changed how businesses view its possibilities.


Data Science’s market size is anticipated to increase from $37.9 billion in 2019 to $140.9 billion in 2024. Businesses increasingly use data science to glean detailed insights from vast amounts of data and gain a competitive edge.


Data Science Engineers develop models for AI and machine learning that automatically learn from their mistakes. Its algorithms have helped businesses improve their customer service in every way, whether in the healthcare sector, the sports sector, the logistics sector, or any other vertical.


In this article, I’ll discuss how data science has become a popular technique that software development firms utilize to assist many businesses in enhancing the customer experience and fostering greater customer loyalty in today’s cutthroat marketplace.


How are Various Organizations Using Data Science to Their Advantage?

  • Make relevant product correlations using data science in e-Commerce


Any e-Commerce website can use this as one of the simplest and most effective marketing techniques to steal money from customers. 


For example, let’s say you decide to buy a new Apple iPhone 12 from Flipkart. The advertiser is aware of the likelihood that someone purchasing a smartphone will also be interested in related products like back covers or an Apple iPod. All they have to do is position these items correctly, immediately below the Add to Cart button. It improves the users’ purchasing experience while adding money into the billionaire Flipkart’s bank account.


In other words, it will increase the number of customer purchases per visit. Let’s check how data science makes recommendations for this element now. e- Commerce organizations can use data science to gain insight into and an understanding of the products connected to previous transactions. It examines the purchasing habits and conduct of customers who have previously purchased the same or a related product. A potent aspect of data science helps create authentic products and in-store design associations thanks to data-backed insights.


To know how the recommendation system works, refer to the machine learning course in Pune, and learn directly from the experienced trainers. 

  • Understand Data


In today’s digital environment, businesses often have too much data because they have a tonne of it. They find it difficult to separate, arrange, and prioritize the data to expedite the marketing plan.


Businesses depend on their decisions of data, and because this data is dispersed among several departments inside an organization, it is difficult for businesses to make decisions.


Data science’s role in data optimization Deeper understanding of consumer relationships, prior purchasing patterns, purchasing behavior, and preferences are made possible by data science algorithms. It extracts data from these factors and aids businesses in understanding the data so they can use it appropriately.

  • Track Trends and Increase Reputation


Businesses employ data analytics technologies to get a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Data analytics also gives companies the ability to comprehend internal dynamics as well as broad market trends.

  • Fix problems before they arise.


Data science assists in preventing and mitigating problems before they arise. Since no human being can predict the effects of any issue, it is better to resolve it before it becomes a problem. You can identify minor problems and address them as soon as possible with data science and machine learning. It can also be used in factories, where data science can determine whether the equipment is operating properly and which needs to be repaired.


It warns the technicians to fix that specific piece of equipment and provide better customer service before they occur.

  • Customer experience in eCommerce is personalized by data science


Nowadays, customers prefer to purchase in customized digital malls rather than going to physical stores. Online retailers change and tinker with their website layouts, featured products, and a variety of other things with the use of data science.


By examining the data of prior customers, they tailor the online shops themselves. Additionally, they modify the costs in accordance with the data they examine; this process is referred to as tailored pricing. Boulder, Colorado-based eCommerce startup Sovrn uses data science to customize its customers’ online buying experiences.




To conclude, organizations that effectively use their data gain benefits from data science. Businesses may make better decisions and streamline company operations with statistics and insight into the workflow. Thus, data scientists are the rockstars of companies today. If you are planning to pursue a career in this exciting field, Learnbay’s data science course in Pune is the best place. Sign up and gain hands-on experience in real world data science. 

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