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A Successful E-Commerce Website Must Haves for website | ossisto

08 Nov

A Successful E-Commerce Website Must Haves for website | ossisto

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More consumers are shopping online than ever before. Brands are more concerned with consumers’ digital traffic. So, how do you compete to capture the digital consumer’s attention is the biggest question for an e-commerce website.

Good websites focus on ensuring consumers have an enjoyable online shopping experience. According to a survey, 93% of buyers consider visual appearance as an important factor while making a purchase. So, let us have a look at some of the essential aspects of a good E-Commerce Website.

A Successful E-Commerce Website Must-Have for website

Responsive Web-Design

Web design captivates visitor’s attention and engages customers. A good responsive E-Commerce Website must be optimized to the device consumer is browsing on. In fact, many people are using their mobile devices more than the desktop to make a purchase. With numerous consumers shopping across various devices, an E-Commerce Website must have a responsive web-design for easy access.

Navigation Layout

Websites represent a brand and homepage. Sometimes, a web page is overly cluttered with information which is hard to maneuver. The website design must be easy to navigate and must be laid out in a strategic manner. Contact information must be accustomed in front and center so that it is easier to find out for the customer.

Product Detail and Imagery

During online shopping, purchasers rely on product description, its supporting imagery while making purchasing. Product images make an immediate impression on the customers. It highlights product details to quickly attract customers. Care must be taken in both photo selection and product description. Multiple images have a clear and concise description that allows the consumer to make a confident purchase. The latest trend follows full-width images with minimal text.

About Us Page

About us, the page must clearly spell out what you are, what you do, and what you offer to the clients. Testimonials and achievements are welcome within. The contact information must be clear and easy to find. It must opt minimalist design to keep information apt and comprehensible.

Partnering with Brands

Reputation can be established by showing the companies you work with. This large amount of partners and clients add a degree of trustworthiness to your enterprise. The partner companies must be highlighted within the home page to showcase reputation to site visitors.

Storefront Tools

Built-in store templates easily customize sites with the least knowledge of programming. The design must align with the key buyer’s personalities and brand image.

Enable Free Shipping

Free shipping, in turn, induce a great return with increased purchases. Free shipping lowers the overall cost for the buyers, thereby, incentivize the purchase. It motivates buyers to keep shopping endlessly.

Make Site SEO-Friendly

Online stores receive traffic in order for the purchases to happen. By incorporating SEO keywords, the site is more likely to rank better. It increases visibility for more conversions.

Incorporate Product Reviews

Reviews and ratings boost trustworthiness. The number of reviews increases feedback’s visibility. Buyer’s feedback saves customers time and is more convincing.

Useful Blog

A blog generates more traffic. Useful information for consumers is likely to rank high. Blog posts encourage people to visit the site and complete the purchases. It connects audiences on a deep level and informs strategies for buyer’s needs. Blog posts also offer expert advice on any industry-related topic.

Popular Payment Options

A wide variety of popular payment options ease the purchases. There are a few popular options for the business to consider from. It makes future purchases more seamless, and offer a wide variety of choices.

Online Support

Consumers expect excellent support after they make a purchase. It converts potential buyers into loyal, returning customers. Helpful type of support enhance site-wide conversion by 10% and more.

Solid Marketing

Marketing involves understanding the intentions of visitors needs and enable what makes them exciting. It helps convert them into a paying customer as it creates an excitement and makes sure visitors are excited about what you provide.


Sellers must set up their online shop by obeying the terms to share buyer’s product interactions. It encourages more conversions to craft each element. By following strategies outlined in the above article, sellers can become more aware of how each element of the E-Commerce website makes an impact on the customers. With this, sellers get an edge over its mindful competitors.

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