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AdSense Alternatives: Top 8 Ad Networks to Try in 2023

17 Nov

AdSense Alternatives: Top 8 Ad Networks to Try in 2023

Even though Google AdSense is the most popular ad network for publishers who are just beginning to monetize their content with ads, “AdSense alternatives” has become a frequent search term. It is advised to start with Google AdSense if you are new to ad tech so that you can fully grasp its fundamentals.

Publishers explore alternatives to Google AdSense as part of their ad monetization journey. And as a result, the market never fails to provide what publishers need.

Why You Should Consider Google AdSense Alternatives?


The self-management of ad units and placement is the primary motivation for searching for AdSense substitutes, among other factors.

The usual causes are listed below:

  • Many websites are rejected by Google AdSense because they lack sufficient or suitable content for advertisers.
  • Google AdSense has a lot of guidelines and continually scans websites. They will prohibit you and prevent you from opening a new AdSense account if you chance to breach even one rule. They won’t just block the site if you do. They will also block the new account even if you manage to establish one and are discovered later. Did you know that if you even accidentally click on an ad on your site you could be banned for life?
  •  Many website owners believe that Google’s AdSense policies are just too restrictive. Following all the guidelines frequently results in poor website design and a lack of capacity to express oneself via content. In some instances, you have to redesign your entire site just so you can use Google AdSense.

Types of Ads

Let’s now quickly review the primary ad formats that are accessible to publishers wishing to switch to a Google AdSense substitute.

  1. Targeted Text Ads : These ads are text-based and are usually found in groups. They are targeted to match the site’s content or the search phrase that was used on a search engine to bring them to your site’s page.
  2. In-Text:These styles of ads pop up when you hover over selected text phrases with your mouse. A small box pops up and usually contains either image, text, or video as well as the ad’s link.
  3. Display : Display ads contain images, headlines, body text, and other elements used to get a viewer’s attention. Sizes range from the eighth page to full-page ads.
  4. Banner: These are the typical image ads you see on many sites. They can be just the image or an image with a text line above or below it. Sizes range from button size to half page and come in all orientations.

List of Alternatives to Google AdSense

The best substitute ad networks for Google AdSense are listed below. Check out each one of them carefully. You should be able to locate some that will complement your websites.

  1. 7Search PPC

Media buyers, ad networks, and publishers can use 7Search PPC as a  worldwide self-service online advertising AdSense Alternative network platform. 7Search PPC is a team of professionals with more than 8 years’ worth of expertise in the internet advertising industry.

Advertisers can bid on online advertising in Selected Locations, auction-based marketplace, and optimize their campaigns easily via multiple targeting features.

 7Search PPC project is a pioneer in PPC advertising in the Adult, Dating, Gambling, Health Care & Pharmacy industries.

  1. Media.Netas an AdSense Alternative

Only Media.net provides access to the Yahoo! Bing Network. One of the largest contextual advertising networks in the world, they include several renowned publishers, such as Forbes, ELLE, Reuters, and Good Housekeeping.

Publishers on Media.net have access to the display, search, and mobile ads among other ad formats. They have access to content-driven advertisements that are contextually relevant.

They are a direct rival to AdSense. But be warned that they have a reputation for cancelling accounts without explaining. As a result, if you use them, read all the guidelines and take care to abide by them.

  1. Taboolaas an AdSense Alternative

One of the biggest content discovery platforms in the ad tech sector is Taboola. Publishers may expose their users to native adverts, sometimes referred to as sponsored content, through this ad network and assist them in finding information that is pertinent to their interests.

Publishers looking for a good mobile web monetization platform might consider Taboola. Additionally, it places a strong premium on brand recognition and content quality. Publishers now have access to Taboola’s features for effective audience segmentation, targeting, and remarketing.
This ads network promises a 100% fill rate across different geographies.

  • minimum page views requirement of 500,000
  1. PropellerAds Media

A sizable ad network called PropellerAds focuses on pop-under advertisements but also offers conventional banner ads, on-click ads, and in-banner video ads. Publishers, they also provide sliders, sponsored links, and other ad forms.

Tier 2 and tier 3 nations, also have excellent ad fill rates. Therefore, you should give this Google AdSense substitute a try if your website receives traffic from Singapore, South Africa, or India.

You should look them over if your website falls under one of the following categories: Playing games, watching movies, dating, managing money, using software, or gambling.

  1. Vibrant Media

You may find the advertising from Vibrant Media at work on numerous well-known websites. They have a large number of premium advertisers and When it comes to accepting sites, they might be choosy.

Any website that publishers submit to them for approval needs to be of a high standard and get at least 500,000-page visits per month. Provide their publishers with excellent CPC rates.

Vibrant scan your sites for pertinent keywords and phrases using its IntelliTXT technology. These are then highlighted, and the necessary code is added so that when the user hovers over the link, a brief popup will appear. These interactive pop-up advertisements receive a lot of clicks. In-image and display ads are among the several ad formats that Vibrant provides.


  1. BuySellAdsas an AdSense Alternative

The appropriate advertisers purchase a niche demographic and advertising space from BuySellAds. Only English-language websites are accepted by BuySellAds. Additionally, publishers must receive a minimum of 100,000 monthly page views.

Many different ad formats are supported by BuySellAds, including background takeovers, displays, email newsletters, RSS feed advertisements, picture plus text, and text ads, among others. They provide publishers with 75% of the money that their ad space generates.

Your PageRank, Alexa ranking, inbound link count, and other metrics are taken into consideration when publishers submit a site to BuySellAds for approval to assess the overall quality of the site. They only allow top-notch websites.

  1. AdversalSelf-Serve AdSense Alternative

Publishers may fully manage their inventory with the self-serve ad platform Adversal.

They support display, native, and video advertisements. Their ad tag is made to withstand common ad fraud and adhere to privacy regulations like GDPR. Publishers may define and attain their objectives with the assistance of Adversal.

Every 35 days, Adversal sends payments through check, PayPal, bank wire, or ACH. Additionally, the minimum payment amount is $20 for PayPal Check $100 for ACH, and $250 for wire.

  1. Infolinks:

Infolinks provides advantages to marketers as a Google AdSense substitute. They may promote while staying within their budget, using their extensive network to interact with people at the right time.

It offers publishers dependable technology, cutting-edge account management, consistent revenue streams, and a great user experience. It also smoothly connects with a variety of mobile ad networks.

Infolinks are carefully chosen to attract viewers and improve ad viewability. Over 350,000 blogs and websites in over 128 countries, including well-known companies like Netflix, Virgin Airlines, and many more, utilize Infolinks.

Final Remarks

To get started, you’ll need to find an ad network with simple approval criteria if a platform won’t approve your website for an AdSense account.

Both ad networks and advertisers use ad servers to launch, monitor, and control marketing campaigns. Although an ad network is a type of advertising technology, it only serves to facilitate purchases between publishers and advertisers.

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