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Crack your online internship program interview for success

27 Jan

Crack your online internship program interview for success

If you’re on the hunt for your first work-from-home internship with a stipend or polishing your elevator pitch. But, have you thought about what you’ll wear to the online interview? How you present yourself could have a significant impact on the impression you make, so make sure you dress for success.

We have gathered some expert guidelines to help you land an online internship. Are you ready?


Why do you think it matters in your unpaid or paid internship interview?

When you appear for an internship interview, you’re evaluated based on your resume, how you present yourself, and multiple other factors. Even though you are not physically present, the dress code is the first thing people notice about you. Although your skills, talent, and experience are essential, your ability to “look the part” also counts.


What’s your go-to outfit for making a good first impression?

For online internship interviews, wear a white shirt with black pants. Although there has been an evolutionary shift towards casual attire, an interview is an opportunity to demonstrate professionalism, reflected in how you present yourself. Therefore, other industries and roles may demand more or less formal attire. Although there is more flexibility at companies with a more artistic or casual vibe, it doesn’t hurt to put more effort into your interview attire, even in those situations.


Is there something people should not wear?

According to the experts, it is recommended to stay away from anything you’d wear to a party, sheer clothing, anything that’s too tight, short or skimpy, and overly trendy pieces. The goal is to communicate that you’re taking this unpaid or paid internship to update your skills for the future.


Do different job fields need different interview apparel?

Absolutely. For instance, dressing more conservatively when interviewing at a financial services company vs. a tech company. Not only should you dress for the domain you’re looking to get into, but think about the role you’re interviewing for and how you’d like to be perceived. We exist in a world where appearances matter, and if presenting a polished and professional image can help you get work from the home internship, the effort is profitable.


Do I have to buy an entirely new outfit for an interview?

If you have appropriate interview attire, I’d recommend mixing and matching what you have. Switch up your blazers, accessories, shirts, blouses, belts, and shoes to help stretch your wardrobe.


How can you show your personality in your online interview?

We all know online interviews have become the new normal after the pandemic. Due to a lack of online presence, showcasing your personality can be challenging. But you can always impress your interviewers by telling them how this online internship program will help you to become industry ready. Moreover, the willingness to learn something and explain your future plans will help you land the internship. 


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