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Diabetes and Its Potential Effects on the Foot

18 Jan

Diabetes and Its Potential Effects on the Foot

More particularly, we discuss taking care of feet normally but today we will discuss about diabetic foot care and how it can affect you. Diabetes is a serious, complex disorder that can affect the entire body. Diabetes necessitates regular self-care, and if problems arise, diabetes can significantly lower life expectancy and lower quality of life. Because diabetes can harm your feet’s nerves, blood flow, and infection, your feet are at risk. Diabetes can lead to foot ulcers and broken limbs more likely. This harm is more probable if:

● For a very long time, you have had diabetes.

● For a long time, your levels of blood glucose have been too high.

● You smoke; smoking decreases the blood flow to your feet, which slows the healing of wounds.

● You are not active in your daily life.

An eczema is a wound that forms on your diabetic foot. Untreated chronic wounds can result in osteomyelitis, a bone infection that can spread throughout the body. To ensure effective therapy and lower the risk of limb, early and precise diagnosis is essential. People with diabetes are 15 times more likely to experience improper diabetic foot care, which can raise the risk of amputation.

Diabetic foot care and warning signs

● You must daily care for your feet if you have diabetes.

● Daily maintenance can avoid severe consequences.

● Every day, check your feet for any changes or issues.

● If your legs are at high risk, see a podiatrist more frequently or once a year for a checkup.

Options for Prosthetic limbs

You can get an artificial limb specifically for you if you’ve undergone a partial foot amputation. This may also be referred to as a partial foot prosthesis or a toe filler. The prosthetic limb helps to restore the foot’s anatomical contour and can be made to relieve pressure and improve balance. Ask your prosthetic center which options would be best for you. Visit Artalive for more details on prosthetic care and decide which one is best for you.

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