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Do’s & Don’ts for JEE/NEET, CBSE Board Exams

15 Mar

Do’s & Don’ts for JEE/NEET, CBSE Board Exams

As a student, you need to know exactly what you should and should not do in terms of studying and preparation. 

Dos and don’ts for the Joint Entrance Examination/National Eligibility and Eligibility Test and the CBSE are:- 


  • Time management is the single most important factor in your performance on any test, so make sure you give yourself enough study time. Make a workable and efficient timetable and plan your schedule accordingly. Make sure you give each issue enough attention and that you get to all of it.
  • If you want to get better at solving problems quickly, you need to practice frequently. Learn the exam’s format and level of difficulty by completing as many practice questions as you can.
  • It is more vital to grasp the ideas than to rotely memorise them. Prioritize conceptual grasp over rote memorization of formulas and theories.
  • In the know: Make sure you are familiar with the current syllabus, testing structure, and any upcoming modifications. Get up on any recent developments related to the examination.
  • To keep your focus and concentration up, it’s important to take pauses in between study sessions. Every hour of studying should be followed by a short break of 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Believe in yourself and maintain an positive outlook. Have an upbeat disposition and a strong sense of purpose while you get ready.


  • Not putting things off till later is crucial since it is the single biggest cause of failure. Do not put off preparing till the last minute. Get a head start and maintain a steady pace to achieve success.
  • Have an open mind and don’t discount any topic or area of study as unimportant. It’s important to treat each topic and area of study with the same weight.
  • Don’t take the easy way out; avoid using gimmicks and quick fixes. Pay close attention to learning the material and systematically addressing the challenges.
  • Avoid the trap of comparison at all costs: Don’t judge your worth based on how you measure up to others. Every single student has their own set of skills and shortcomings. Don’t worry about anyone else but yourself as you get ready.
  • Try your best to stay focused and not let yourself be side-tracked by your phone, social media, or anything else that could potentially take you away from your work. Don’t let anything take your mind off of your homework and studies.
  • Be healthy: Take care of your health as much as possible while you’re getting ready. Maintain your physical and mental health by eating right, working out frequently, and getting plenty of shut-eye.

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