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Glensound Electronics

23 Apr

Glensound Electronics

Glensound aim to design and build the highest quality audio systems for the broadcast and commercial audio markets.

Their market is largely broadcast and Glensound designs are intended to be rugged and reliable to withstand the rigours of the outside broadcast world. Special manufacturing techniques are used to reduce damage from typical mis-handling.

Glensound designs contain systems to manage high input levels without distortion or clipping and prevent external interference to the audio path. Their systems are both user-friendly and use high quality components to keep noise low and provide the cleanest sounding audio.

Commentary Systems

Glensound Electronics ‘stand alone’ commentators boxes are all self-contained units that do not require a base station to produce a program. They are often used with direct connections back to an OB truck, sometimes they are used in permanent installations at sports grounds or in studios for ‘off-tube’ work and they can also often be found in translation facilities.

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