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Guidelines to Write a Research Proposal for Neurology Research Scholars

30 Dec

Guidelines to Write a Research Proposal for Neurology Research Scholars

In Brief:

To be considered for the PhD in neurology program, a scholar, in support of his/her research supervisor, must prepare a Dissertation Proposal describing the basis, methods, discussion and the references with a time frame to complete the document. Research proposal writing can be called a complicated process. This guideline is designed for PhD scholars who are required to submit a research proposal for their PhD admission. This High-Quality Research Proposal Writing Service helps you develop an approach for writing a clear and focused research proposal.


Neuroscience is the prospective discipline that is supposed to solve numerous problems related to nervous disorders and problems with the human nervous system. Nowadays, the discipline is only in its developing stage, and fresh and creative ideas are valuable for improving science. The student who wants to contribute to the development of neuroscience should learn about the current condition and structure of the science and then share the alternative and brand new ideas in the research proposal to convince the professor that the topic is worth investigating. One should present the list of the sources and methods used for the research of neuroscience and complete a logical structure of the PhD Doctoral Dissertation Proposal, which would reflect the student’s responsible attitude towards the process of writing.

Purpose of a Research Proposal

The purpose of a research proposal convinces the investigator and the funding agency. The purpose of the project should consist of

1) The significance and worthy of the study

2) The novelty in technical approach and feasibility

3) The supervisor and the scholar should carry out and accomplish the work with integrity as proposed.

Format for writing a proposal

A dissertation proposal will have the following sections:

  • Introduction

The main body consists of:

  • Methodology
  • Literature Review
  • Limitations
  • Ethical considerations
  • Timeframe
  • Mini-conclusion

If a dissertation proposal has been done appropriately, it will give you a direction while writing the main body of the work.


The title should be short, precise, and should have clarity. A single sentence containing 55 letters is preferable. Acronyms and technical jargon should be avoided.


The introduction section should emphasize the research problem and its significance. The technical approach used to solve the proposed problem should also be mentioned. The research team involved in the work must be introduced as well.


In the methodology section the methods to solve the problem has to be outlined through which you will collect and process your parameters. If your research is quantitative, then include a reference to a questionnaire, survey, or data source. A clear scope of your research should be involved. The reason for the selection of the research methods should be emphasized along with the specification to the research field.

Literature Review

A brief review of the Primary Literature Relevant to the proposed research work should be given under this section. It should

  • Key literature sources should be cited
  • Recent works of literature which have similar works should be cited
  • Critical analysis of the literature works

This section should also explain the benefits to the scientific society and the reason for undertaking the project.

The proposed work should have:

  • Scientific Advancement and implementation
  • Previous studies in your research area
  • Research gap/problems/errors in previous studies

Develop instrumentation, methodology and teams that will take science on a novel path.


As a part of writing the limitations that imposed on research findings should be identified. Some limitations explain issues that cannot be addressed. This section clearly shows the researcher’s involvement with the subject matter and is familiar with the wider concepts relating to the topic.


PhD Dissertation Proposal will include an estimated timeframe for the work to complete. This can be an each chapter basis, or the actual research, which require to be focused before begin the writing. The work should be feasible and realistic which requires some initial research.


It is not necessary to include a conclusion in your proposal, but it might be a good idea to recollect the reasons for selecting the topic, the type of research and its expected results.

Points to do before writing a proposal

  1. Refer the proposals of your supervisors or other scientists.
  2. The research idea should be important and technically sound. The proposal should be clear in making a worth funding by the funding agency and program.
  3. Research your work before you begin writing by doing preliminary experiments to the feasibility and clear idea of your work. Your idea should have novelty.
  4. Plot a research road map for your project.
  5. Recognize the key experiments and carry out the experiments and work out on the budget.
  6. Your proposal should be Plagiarism corrected.
  7. Don’t use many technical jargons. Use the spell checker and grammar checker. Approach Best PhD proposal writing service or PhD Research Proposal Assistance to support your thoughts.

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