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Hard Skills To Impress Employers doing course with internship

10 Feb

Hard Skills To Impress Employers doing course with internship

In any career-readiness course, resume workshop, or everyday professional conversation, you have probably heard the comparison between “hard” and “soft” skills. Each industry and employer desires different skills & experience in an ideal applicant, which are “hard” and “soft” skills. 


So first off, what exactly do these terms mean? A hard skill is considered as a skill one can learn and develop through education and online internship program, like learning, coding, or writing to become an expert. While soft skills are better characterised as personality traits and relate more to social and emotional intelligence.



Well, every industry demands different soft and hard skills. This article will focus on the top 5 hard skills to impress employers in 2022. 


5 Hard Skills To Impress Employers



In 2023, any hard skill you can think of can be learned by anyone, especially with the help of the internet. Want to learn how to code in Python or how to speak Arabic? But I believe you will get a brief idea of the domain with the help of work from home internship or course. A key factor in learning hard skills is motivation and dedication to continue learning, even if frustration occurs. 




Language skills are exceptional because they can help you in almost any domain. From actual career application to everyday usefulness, learning another language can be a fun and difficult way to enhance communication. Some career positions, such as international relations, education, sales, and international business, often need the dual-language ability for entry-level positions. 


Moreover, if you want to improve your communication skills, enroll for a soft skill online internship from ULead. 




Writing is a critical job skill that spans most fields. It does not need to mean you have to become a writer. Instead, you should have the basics with simple skills of composing a professional email, ensuring proper grammar, punctuation, and confidence in your writing. 


For many people, writing is not god gifted as it does to others which is why it is regarded as a hard skill. With practice, you can improve your writing for emails, a financial report or a sales recap, editing an engineering manual, or brush up on your resume/CV! 


Also, with the help of the internet, many computer programs can help you develop your writing skills. You can also take an online internship in content writing if you want to excel in this career. 


Graphic Design


Have you ever been on a job project where you needed to create an eye-catching PDF flyer, website page, email template, or edit a photo? Basic graphic design skills can prove helpful in various domains if you know Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, and others! Many free online certification courses can help with learning these programs and how to design your own projects!


Graphic design is a craft where basic knowledge can go a long way in business. You will only be able to challenge yourself if you are not working in the industry. However, as with any hard skill, the degree you need to master graphic design will depend on your field, job, and personal desire! 




Understanding Blockchain is a new field with the rise of cryptocurrency in the last decade. It involves industries like finance, banking, and investment fields. Therefore, while some may consider it a niche skill and not feel a need to learn it, Blockchain skills are in demand at the current time. Get your hands on the online courses with certification from Unschool to discover the domain. 




Sales is an exciting area as it could be classified as a hard and a soft skill. To be an influential salesperson, whether in a retail store, car dealership, pharmaceutical company, or elsewhere, you must employ an effective arsenal of hard and soft skills. 


Firstly, sales representatives have the often challenging task of persuading someone to purchase their product or services. In terms of soft skills, they often showcase amazing persuasion, charisma, and empathy. 


You can excel in this domain with an internship. ULead offers a paid online internship program to students for upskilling. Empower students to become industry-ready through courses and internships. Apply now!!.

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