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Hidden Call Recorder is an All-in-one Parental Control App for Phone Monitoring

22 Feb

Hidden Call Recorder is an All-in-one Parental Control App for Phone Monitoring

It is a modern-day digital world in which everyone uses cell phones to contact each other. A hidden call recorder in today’s world can turn out very useful, we will tell you how in today’s blog. To contact anyone, mobile phone devices are majorly used apart from tablets and computers. The most trended mobile operating system at moment is Android, which is being run over millions of smartphones globally. For all the operating systems which are available in the market, you can find hundreds of operating systems, but they are not popular simultaneously. This is the reason we will talk about famous operating systems.

People want to spy on other mobile phone data which is why you need some hidden call recorder application to ease the task. These hidden call recorder applications are generally known as Cell Phone Monitoring Software. Different operating systems include distinct application stores, and you can find these hidden phone call trackers in their app stores, to download the spy app on an Android smartphone, you can choose play store to download and install a hidden call recorder. For a different OS, you can access the different app stores.

All in one parental control app ONEMONITAR 

Hidden call recorder ONEMONITAR is the best phone tracking application available in the market. This spy application comes loaded with over 30 fantastic features which can let you track all the activities of your kids with the click of a button. 

What is a parental control app? 

The internet is a fantastic tool for education, but it can also be used for many mischievous and malicious crimes which in turn can turn out to be dangerous for your kids. Hidden call recorder apps or parental control software are dedicatedly customized tools that are used to monitor the online activities of your kids. Parents can use these hidden call recorder tools to install the application on their kids’ cell phones, after which the software will process the information and share it with the subscriber in a reader-friendly manner.

ONEMONITAR’s hidden call recorder application keeps you notified about your kid’s activities that they are doing on their smartphones and helps you track their activities remotely.

What are the uses of a parental control app?

There are numerous ways in which a hidden call recorder app can be used. Sometimes the requirement is temporary, while in other scenarios it’s perpetual.

e.g., A phone tracking application installed on your kids’ smartphone while they are on a vacation is a temporary requirement. However, using it for over a year or two can be termed a permanent requirement.

In most scenarios, the free hidden call recorder app is used when the child is a teenager. Legally also, you can only monitor all the phone activities of your child when he/she is a minor. Therefore, the perfect time to install a call recorder for efficient parental control is when your child is taking their early schooling.

In other scenarios, you can also install the call recorder app when the kid is in boarding school or on a holiday at a distant place.

Why do you need a hidden call recorder app?

As we told you before, there is no need to purchase a hidden call recorder app if the parents can do all the monitoring physically, every day, every single moment, and always of the day persistently.

Which undoubtedly is not possible. And the situation gets even worse when both parents are working. In such scenarios, parental control applications come handy. You can install a parental control application on your kid’s smartphone, PC, notebook, or any smart device.

What are the features offered by a hidden call recorder application?

Well, because phone monitoring applications are available across all media, the number of features offered by them is countless. Therefore, just to keep it concise, we will tell you about all the parental control features offered by a hidden call recorder app on smartphones.

List of hidden call recording features offered in cell phones:

  • Call logs- You can view all the data related to your incoming and outgoing phone calls made on the target device with the help of the ONEMONITAR Hidden call recorder app. 
  • Contacts- See all the contacts saved on the phonebook of your target android phone with one click over the hidden call recorder software
  • Installed Applications- All the applications which are installed on the target device can be viewed instantly with the help of the ONEMONITAR hidden call recorder. 
  • Ambient sound around the device- You can hear the ambient sound near the target device with one click on ONEMONITAR. 
  • Multimedia files- All the multimedia files which are saved on the target android cell phone can be viewed with the help of this hidden call recorder. 
  • Current GPS location – Track the current GPS location of the target device with the click of a button from any place you want. ONEMONITAR Hidden call recorder also tracks the location of the device based on a network location. 
  • Instant messenger tracking including WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, Hike, Line, etc.- All the listed instant messengers along with a list of other instant messengers can now be viewed with the help of this hidden call recorder. It is the best feature of this spy app. Now you can view and read all the chat messages shared over various instant messenger platforms with one click only. 
  • Google Mail Monitoring – Numerous email services are operating globally. All of these email services help you share emails with your dear ones as well as with your office colleagues. Whether the emails are shared for personal use or are done for professional use only, you can view them all with one click only. hidden call recorder application gives you this capability and lets you track them all with a single click. 
  • Outlook Mail tracking and many other monitoring features- Just like Gmail, Outlook is another popular email service that is used by people globally. With the ONEMONITAR hidden call recorder app, you can also view all the texts shared over Outlook with one click only. 

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