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How Much Do NDIS Plan Managers Get Paid? [Full Guide]

20 Feb

How Much Do NDIS Plan Managers Get Paid? [Full Guide]

Are you an adult needing assistance and support from the NDIS Plan Managers? Would you like a better understanding of how much they’re paid for their services? From knowing the overall payment structure to what happens when it comes time for renewal, this guide has everything you need to know about getting your financial situation sorted out. Read on to learn more about NDIS plan manager sharing and payment!


What Is NDIS Plan Management?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Plan Management is a way of managing your NDIS funds. This is done by having an agency, financial institution, or individual work the day-to-day administration of your NDIS plan for you. With Plan Management, you can be assured that your funding is managed professionally and efficiently to access the supports outlined in your NDIS Plan.

Plan Managers help individuals access the services they need more easily while maintaining control over their budget and spending. The Plan Manager will consider the person’s wishes, preferences, and goals when setting up their financial arrangements. They will also ensure all transactions relating to the person’s plan are recorded correctly and that their NDIS plan spends the funding. Registered NDIS services in Perth are designed to provide support and assistance to individuals living with a disability.


What NDIS Plan Management Involves

Plan Management involves several important steps and activities to ensure that a person’s NDIS plan is managed effectively and efficiently. These are:

  1. Agreeing on the services needed and their costs: Plan Managers will coordinate with service providers to discuss NDIS plans, identify what services are required, and agree on the price of these services. This helps ensure that all funds allocated through an NDIS plan are used appropriately.


  1. Monitoring spending: Plan Managers will monitor spending against an individual’s budget so any discrepancies can be addressed quickly. They also provide regular financial updates to participants and parents or carers as required.


  1. Assisting in finding service providers: Plan Managers can assist participants in finding suitable service providers who meet their needs and budget. This may include identifying and suggesting new service options or helping with the application process for NDIS-registered providers.


  1. Assisting in managing paperwork: Plan Managers will help ensure that all relevant paperwork is completed correctly, including NDIS enrolment forms, provider agreements, invoices, and other related documents.


  1. Ensuring payment of invoices: Plan Managers monitor and track expenses to ensure that invoices are paid on time so that services don’t suffer due to delays in funds transfer. They also advise how to manage budgets and expenses within an NDIS plan.


  1. Supporting providers: Plan Managers provide support to service providers by helping them understand NDIS rules and processes and ensuring they are updated on relevant changes.


  1. Reviewing plans: At least once a year, Plan Managers review an individual’s plan to ensure it is still appropriate for their needs and budget. They can also help participants adjust the project, adding or removing services as required.

Plan Management is essential to ensuring that an NDIS plan works effectively for both participants and service providers. By assisting with these seven key steps, Plan Managers can help ensure that all parties involved can meet their objectives in the most efficient way possible.


What Does an NDIS Plan Manager Do?

An NDIS Plan Manager is responsible for managing the financial aspect of an individual’s NDIS plan. They help individuals and carers to understand how their funds are allocated, manage payments to providers, and track spending against agreed budgets.

  1. Advising: A NDIS Plan Manager provides advice on the best use of the NDIS funding allocated in an individual’s plan. They help individuals and carers identify suitable service providers, understand what services they can access, and ensure they are getting value for money with their NDIS funds.


  1. Budgeting: NDIS Plan Managers monitor spending against approved budget allocations in an individual’s plan, ensuring that funds are used appropriately and are spent according to approved arrangements. They may also help individuals and carers set up a budget for service providers so they can easily keep track of their finances.


  1. Tracking: NDIS Plan Managers follow up on payments made to service providers, ensuring that invoices are paid promptly and the individual’s funds are used appropriately. They can also advise on how to claim back costs from service providers if needed.


  1. Planning: A NDIS Plan Manager works with individuals and carers to review existing plans and develop new strategies when necessary. This includes considering changes in an individual’s circumstances or needs and looking at different services that might suit them.


  1. Advocacy: A NDIS Plan Manager can provide advice and guidance on accessing additional advocacy services if needed, either through the plan or as a separate arrangement. They can also help individuals and carers with paperwork and navigating government processes associated with accessing the NDIS.

Overall, an NDIS Plan Manager helps individuals and their carers understand how their funds are allocated, manage payments to providers, and track spending against agreed budgets so that they can make the most of their funding given under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). With the right support from a professional Plan Manager, individuals, and carers can ensure that their NDIS resources are used effectively and efficiently.


When Can a Plan Manager be Hired?

Participants can always ask for a plan manager to be assigned to their account if they feel they need one. Self-management of an NDIS Plan, engagement of an NDIS registered provider, or hiring a plan manager supported by the NDIS plan are the other alternatives for administering an NDIS plan.


How Does a Participant Engage a Plan Manager?

The NDIS Local Area Coordinator or a support coordinator can help participants locate a plan manager. Anyone needing the assistance of a plan manager need only get in touch with any member of the NDIS team and make that request.

And if they’re interested in employing a plan manager, they can contact their LACC. To find an NDIS-approved plan manager, they can ask you for a recommendation or look one out online.

When it is determined that a participant will be assigned a plan manager, the NDIA will create a new line item in the Capacity Building Support budget labeled “Improved Life Choices.” This allotment is intended to ease the financial burden of paying a plan manager, allowing the participant more discretionary spending.

Next, determine the scope of financial management services be delivered to the participants and agree on the terms. It is important to remember that the participant has discretionary control over any monies made available to them.

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