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How much does it cost to get your sperms freezed?

30 Jan

How much does it cost to get your sperms freezed?

Sperm freezing is the practice of storing live sperm in a frozen condition for potential usage in the future. Since its introduction in 1953, sperm freezing has been used effectively to create children; nevertheless, not all sperm are expected to survive the freezing and thawing process. After being frozen and thawed, around 50% of sperm retain their motility, which means they can still swim. Most ejaculates will be determined to have enough healthy sperm for ultimate insemination, based on the pre-freeze examination, which examines sperm count and motility. Using frozen or thawed sperm has no effect on whether in-vitro fertilisation is successful. The best female gynaecologist in Jammu suggests to freeze sperm at an early age if you want to become a father without any worries in future.

Need to preserve the sperm

For a variety of reasons, sperm freezing may be an option. If you want to maintain your fertility as you grow, you might wish to freeze your sperm. If you want to have hormone replacement treatment, you should also think about freezing your sperm because those hormones will lower your sperm count. Prior to your transition, it might be wise to freeze your sperm if you intend to have children in the future. If you’re planning to receive treatment for a serious illness, typically cancer, you might also wish to freeze your sperm 

Your doctor in the IVF centre in Jalandhar could advise sperm freezing beforehand if you’re receiving reproductive therapy. The male partner can freeze sperm in advance so that it can be utilised when needed if there’s a risk he won’t be physically there on the day the sperm is needed for IVF or insemination. Freezing a “back-up sample” beforehand may also be beneficial if a male partner has a very low sperm count in case there aren’t enough sperm in a fresh ejaculate sample.

Process of Freezing Sperm

  1. The individual who wants to freeze their sperm must first undergo a test to rule out any sexually transmitted illnesses, and then they must either collect a sperm sample at home or at a reproductive clinic. The specimen must be brought to the lab as soon as feasible or within a few hours if it is gathered at home.
  2. The volume of semen or liquid ejaculated, the quality of the ejaculated fluid, the precise number of sperm—also known as the sperm count—and the manner in which the sperm are moving are all evaluated under a microscope.
  3. The material may be separated into one to three vials depending on the findings of the sperm analysis, and each vial is then combined with a cryoprotectant solution to safeguard the sperm.
  4. The specimen is now carefully chilled in a freezer and kept there for a long time at -196 degrees Celsius in a liquid nitrogen tank. The sperm is frozen for future use in this last phase.

Does Sperm Type Impact IVF?

IVF is a method that has assisted hundreds of couples who have struggled with infertility in conceiving a child. The first stage in the multi-part procedure of IVF is for the lady to take fertility medicine in order to create mature eggs. During a straightforward surgical operation, the eggs are removed. In order to make an embryo, the retrieved eggs are then joined with sperm in a lab. The woman’s uterus is subsequently used to implant the developed embryo in order to get pregnant. Fresh or frozen sperm can be used for fertilisation in the fertility clinic. Frozen sperm is less viable than fresh samples, though, which worries some patients.

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