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How School Management Software Can Increase Parent Engagement

13 Jan

How School Management Software Can Increase Parent Engagement

Parental assistance in home learning activities has always been a critical factor in a child’s education. Good and effective communication between parents and the educational institution leads to better learning outcomes for the pupil. Parents are regarded as the first teacher and mentor for their children. Research shows that constant parental involvement in their children’s school life improves their children’s performance, learning, performance, behavior and so much more.

As a result, children whose parents remain involved are more likely to have higher self-esteem, discipline, and greater self-motivation, and tend to get better grades regardless of their ethnic, social, or racial background.

Continuous communication and involvement of parents with the educational institution will certainly accelerate the pace of educational development of students. Now that we understand its importance, we have included some of the important features in our Fedena school management software where parents can be properly involved in the academic performance of their child.

Once the parent logs into the school management software, she can access all the details below:

Student profile

  • View an academic report from the child
  • View the child’s personal information
  • View your personal information
  • View dues and refunds

Review the lessons the child has for the day

  • View any teacher comments
  • View registration documents
  • academics
  • View the academic program
  • View research report
  • View attendance reports
  • Calendar
  • View the library contribution
  • View the contribution quotas
  • View holidays and events
  • View exams


  • View institution news
  • Fill out forms and provide feedback
  • Access to apps that the parent has access to
  • View and reply to Institute-initiated messages


  • Investigate any disciplinary issues the child may be involved in

Proven Benefits of a School Management App from Parents View

Attendance management

Transparency in the attendance system is the biggest advantage of any school management system. Parents who go to work or stay at home are always concerned about whether their children go to school every day or whether their attention is deliberately diverted to other tasks. The school management app considers this as a pre-requisite and sends daily student attendance updates to the registered mobile number or email ID.

Daily activity report

This feature works best for kindergarten students. When parents drop off their kids at school for the first time, they may want to know what their kids do during the day. With the daily activity report, the teacher sends updates on the different activities the student has done on a given day. This is very useful for parents to follow the progress of their community. Plus, including mealtime updates helps the guardian or mother know if the appetite record is on or off.

Integration with transport management

Juvenile crime rates in India have steadily increased. As the ward leaves home for school, the parents’ minds begin to spin until the ward returns home safely after school is over for the day. This concern is considered a design requirement when designing effective school management software. Integrating with vehicle tracking system and SMS system will help parents monitor their ward’s location in real-time.

Progress report

Report Declaration Day is a big D-day for both parents and children. But taking time out of your hectic schedule and attending parent-teacher meetings is old-fashioned. Schools are now implementing a decent way to inform parents about their ward’s progress map. The personalized certificate is created and sent to the parents’ mobile numbers via the integrated application. The transcript also includes the teacher’s grade, ensuring that each student’s parents are aware of the status of the transcript.

Automated expense management

This is another great relief for parents. With online fee management, parents no longer have to wait long to pay fees. Instead, they can simply log into the school administration app and pay fees online using the online payment gateway. Additionally, school administration fee reminders can help them pay fees before they are due or they can set up an ECS or direct debit from their bank account.

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