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How to Become A Successful Business Women- Jole Figliomeni

17 Jan

How to Become A Successful Business Women- Jole Figliomeni

The world is changing, and so are entrepreneurs. Jole Figliomeni, a female entrepreneur from Italy, has been breaking stereotypes for years by being her true self – Motivated, Determined & Dedicated! Jole Figliomeni, an Italian female entrepreneur who has been thriving in the male-dominated corporate sector for years now, shares her top five tips on how to succeed as a woman starting your own business.

  • Have A Strong Mission

The most important reason to start a business is that you have an idea that needs execution. If this sounds like the one thing holding your aspirations back, do yourself (and others) a favor and find something else worth pursuing!

Women entrepreneurs who succeed often share common threads – they all had goals that became their missions; these individuals knew what it meant when someone said: “they were working towards becoming successful.”

  • Be Ready To Fail

To become a successful woman in business, you must be ready to fail. Business is risky, but it’s worth taking the risk when your reward can lead someone else towards success if they are having trouble getting there themselves! I have seen that most women who make things happen to do so without caring whether or not their actions succeed–they go ahead and try anyways, which makes them really determined people overall – something we should all aspire ourselves with because no matter what gender one belongs too; being non-empathetic usually ends up working against us sooner rather than later anyway. 

  • Increase Your entrepreneurial skills

It is no secret that success in business has many factors, but one of the most important ones is entrepreneurial skills. These can be developed through reading books or attending seminars on how to become a successful entrepreneur. 

  • Time Management

Women entrepreneurs must master the art of effective time management if they want to succeed. Women have a lot on their plate, including running businesses and taking care of family obligations while still trying to maintain some level of control over them all at once—it’s difficult! But it can be done; you need an excellent team behind your back supporting every step along this journey so that each Woman Entrepreneur is able to put 100% focus into what she does best: growing her company or expanding its reach.  

  • Sticking To The Process

90% of all businesses fail in their first ten years because not everyone has what it takes to stick with this process and build something successful from scratch!

The entrepreneurial journey isn’t always easy; there will be obstacles along your way that challenge both mindset and motivation–but if we want our ideas to last longer than just one day, then maybe they need some help getting off their feet.

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