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How to get Internship For a Startup

07 Feb

How to get Internship For a Startup

An online internship program at a startup is an excellent way to gain grassroots experience and skills that will help you in your future career. Whether that’s at a future startup, giant company, or anything in-between. Learn how YOU can intern for a startup and what makes interning at a startup a unique experience, and explore some program recommendations to help you get started! Are you ready?


Can you intern at a startup?

Yes, you can intern at a startup, both offline or work-from-home internship! New businesses always search for people willing to learn about their mission and help them grow.

Interning at a startup offers immense benefit to students and professionals who want to work in entrepreneurship long term. Make a list of some of your favourite startups, and supply your CV to see if they’re actively looking for new hires. And if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 


How to intern for a startup 

There are several ways you can work for an online internship at a startup. Depending on your level of comfort with the local market, you may pursue an internship independently. You can first search for unpaid or paid internships on LinkedIn, Naukri or more that welcome enthusiastic freshers applicants. If you are one of them, you can enrol yourself.   


Also, check with your university’s career centre to see if they approve online internship programs. They might suggest some placements with which students from your school have had previous success.


What to expect during your interview at a startup 

In general, you can expect interviewing with a startup to be similar in many ways to a giant company with a hairline difference.

Many startups, especially early-stage startups, will not have an HR or recruiting team for the interview process. Chances are you will skip the screening call and, right away, speak with the hiring manager in a first interview, and the final round will be with the CEO.

When preparing for interviews, ensure you practice answers to common interview questions: “Can you tell me about yourself?” and “What are you looking for in your next role?” are questions you should always have proper answers for.

During your online internship for the startup, show your passion for the role and company. It is vital for startup interviews since every role is exceptionally important at a young, growing organisation.

Do not forget to do some research about the startup and the interviewer. While startups might be more casual, and the interview process might reflect. But, don’t forget to follow up after your interview with a thank you. It’s another way to show your professionalism, attention to detail, and interest in the job.


Why intern for a startup?

Knowing how this experience will benefit you and your career is good!

Doing a work-from-home internship at a startup isn’t restricted to just people looking to work in the startup space. It can be a valuable internship experience regardless of your career path.


  1. Work with a small crew

Interning with a startup means working with a small team with significant opportunities. You often will find you are working directly with decision-makers on the team or even the CEO. Therefore, having a smaller team means that your voice and opinions will not be neglected.


  1. Try out multiple roles

Interns will often wear many hats, which can be a great way to test-drive numerous roles during your placement. Take the opportunity to reveal yourself to a new area outside your major or previous studies. All these experiences give you great talking points when interviewing for future online internships and jobs.


  1. Earn valuable skills

Another great thing to remember is that startups often lag many career trends. It means building tomorrow’s trending job skills in your startup role today. In simple words, a role that currently only exists at startups might be an industry-standard position in a couple of years, putting you lightyears ahead of the industry. With this, you can become industry-ready with unpaid or paid internships


  1. It’s fun!

Yes, you are interning at a startup to work and gain experience, but it can be a lot of fun too. When you work for a startup, you can find yourself amidst an ambitious team looking to make its mark on the world. Early-stage startups often work out of a coworking space or startup accelerator hub that hosts numerous companies, offering free networking and learning events for members. Trust me you’ll love the energetic atmosphere in your online internship!




Interning for a startup abroad is a great way to combine travel and meaningful professional experience to help build your CV. Only a small percentage of university students get the opportunity to study abroad, but an even smaller group acquire professional work experience abroad. With online internships on the rise and flexible work conditions being a top priority for employees, consider working for a startup as an exciting way to kickstart your career!

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