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How to Manage Time Anxiety in your Online Internship Program?

28 Dec

How to Manage Time Anxiety in your Online Internship Program?

Do you feel like you are constantly racing against the clock? No matter what you do, you can’t seem to complete all you plan to. Maybe you worry about facing your mentor without completing the work, missing deadlines, or not having enough time to handle the responsibilities in your work-from-home internship.

If this sounds like you, you may suffer from time anxiety. If left uncontrolled, it can lead to severe mental health conditions and negatively impact your unpaid or paid internship productivity. 

As an intern, you need not take so much pressure, but you must manage your anxiety before stepping into the corporate world. 


Let’s see how you can overcome your time anxiety and boost your productivity. 


1. Audit Your Time and Structure Your Ideal Day


Choosing your activities with intention forms a sense of control. You’re less likely to be stressed when you know you’re investing time in the right things. Likewise, plan your work and how much time it will take to complete it. Remember to start with your online internship program to help you avoid stress in the future. 


2. Adjust Goals

It’s vital to accept where you are in life and work forward from there. Conduct a self-review and list your goals and priorities to begin your online internship journey toward your corporate. Acknowledge that time exists and that you have no control over it. Instead, you can only control how you spend your time and adjust your goals to work with the time you have left.


3. Avoid Delays 

Time anxiety can be paralyzing. But waiting for motivation to do the task will make things worse and prolong your anxiety. As interns, you need to impress your boss so that you might get promoted to full-time employee. Therefore, stop making excuses and complete your work before the deadline. Make your unpaid or paid internship worth it.


4. Take mini breaks

When your mind is spiraling out of control, interrupt your thoughts with mindfulness practices and bring yourself to the present. For instance, take a break like breathing exercises and meditation to clear your mind and discover mental peace. Sometimes, sitting in one place makes you lose your productivity, so do some activities. Therefore taking a mini break during work does not harm productivity. 


Track How You Spend Your Days and Defeat Time Anxiety

Time anxiety is feeling like you aren’t doing enough with your time. To manage it, accept where you are, audit your time, and plan your day to align with your most vital goals. Remember that not every moment of your daily life should be spent working or pursuing productive activities. Free time is also suitable for you and even helps boost productivity.


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