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Internships Vs. Apprenticeships: Which is Suitable for You

16 Feb

Internships Vs. Apprenticeships: Which is Suitable for You

The report stated that more than 500,000 participants enrolled in apprenticeship programs. Yet, offline or online internships are still ranked as the most influential factor in employers’ hiring decisions. So, it would be a good time to discuss apprenticeships and how they differ from unpaid or paid internships

You’ve probably come across both types, possibly being used interchangeably. However, the fact of the matter is they are contrasting in nature. First, let’s start with apprenticeships and internships.



Apprenticeships consist of acquiring specialised training. You are constantly working towards getting a nationally recognized qualification during your time as an apprentice. The qualification is recognized by either a college, university or the organisation that’s providing the training. 

There are some activities you often complete when partaking as an apprentice, namely

  • Training
  • Shadowing
  • Coursework
  • Mentoring



An unpaid or paid internship is a work experience you acquire from an employer. It’s typically considered a stepping stone towards breaking into the industry you’re interested in, as a way to decide if the chosen career path is right for you, or both! 

However, internships help you earn invaluable skills that are hard to obtain during education yet complement your academic knowledge further by enabling you to build your practical skill set. Furthermore, work-from-home internships also lead to job offers from the host company upon completion. 


Differences Between Internships and Apprenticeships


Qualifications vs. Work Experience

When you enroll in an apprenticeship, you’re working towards an official qualification, but if you’re doing an online internship program, you concentrate on gaining industry-specialised work experience. 


Paid vs Unpaid

Well, apprenticeships are always paid, but an internship is different.  

On the other hand, internships don’t have the same regulation as apprenticeships due to being more about the experience gained than an official qualification. Therefore, unpaid or paid internships offer the same values.



Another big difference between the two is how long they last. On average, offline or online internships last a couple of months to a year. When we look at apprentices, a year is a minimum duration, and four years is the maximum, depending on the qualification. 

The type of industry and qualification that comes with the apprentice are the main factors determining whether it will be shorter or longer. 


Hiring Upon Completion

Both internships and apprenticeships are likely to result in a job offer upon completion. With apprenticeships, there is a higher possibility due to being integrated into the company for at least a year. 

However, this comes with its drawbacks, as unlike an online internship; an apprenticeship means being fully committed to the career pathway. While an internship enables you to try on a career, gain experience, and possibly get a job offer, all in less time and commitment. 


Factoring in Work Style

In recent years, new working styles, like remote and hybrid, have become the new norm. Not only has this affected regular job positions, but it has also impacted apprenticeships and internships.

Therefore, you’re more likely to find work-from-home internships offering remote and hybrid work styles than apprenticeships. 

As the world has shifted in the last few years, internship opportunities cover almost every sector, with many being pushed to find ways to offer remote opportunities. Thus, it is far more flexible with internships.


Internships vs Apprenticeships: Which is Right for You?

To answer this question, you need to look at the experience you want to gain, the time you have, and the path you wish to take. By answering these questions, you’ll know whether an internship or apprenticeship is right for you.

Both pathways have their benefits, so deciding which one you’d like to explore will depend on the career path you’re interested in and what you’re trying to achieve. 

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