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Interior design is a beautiful mix of art and science that enhance the appearance and functionality of residential and commercial buildings. An efficient design creates a delightful personalized setting while utilizing every inch of available space and making most of it. Interior designers are always in high demand, not just in India but all over the world. Interior designing is an all-season career with extensive job opportunities to work as a furniture designer, spatial designer, exhibition designer, production designer and tv/film set designer. But before you dive headfirst in this field, you must assess if you have what it takes to be a successful interior designer.

What interior designers do?

Interior designers play a multifaceted role in the world of construction and architecture. When it comes to interior designing as a career, it’s not just about creative skills. Interior designers and extensively learned. They are detail-oriented and possess exceptional interpersonal skills. They use their esthetic ability to create functional, out of the box designs that make the residential & commercial spaces creates stand out in the crowd.

Do you have a creative eye and a scientific approach?

If you are a passionate, creative person with excellent mathematical skills and a scientific perspective, then interior designing can be a great career option for you. These qualities play a vital role in the shaping and working of an interior designer. The profession calls for subjects beyond art, and one has to learn about building structures, computer-aided drawing, codes, and ethics along with client psychology. It is one of the most popular add-on degree for architects and civil engineers and add value to their resume and increase job opportunities.

Do you know designing is beyond decoration?

Interior designing is the art and science of comprehending client’s needs, budget and lifestyle to design functional spaces within a building while keeping its structural integrity in mind. It has a more mathematic and scientific approach than decoration. Interior designers need to be highly skilled in creating settings that are both functional and safe while adhering to the municipal building codes and regulations. On the other hand, interior decoration is about embellishing an area with decorative elements. In short, interior designers may decorate, but decorators can not design.

Do you possess excellent communication skills?

Interactions are a critical component of interior designing. Interior designers deal with clients, contractors, project team, and suppliers regularly. The designers with excellent interpersonal communication find it easy to understand their client’s requirements and problems. This quality helps them deal when clients are unhappy or being unreasonable. If you can hold an effective communication with people, you have a god shot at designing.


Now give the above points a good look. If your answers to all pointers are positive, you are fit to pursue a professional interior designing degree. INIFD is the world’s largest network of design institutes that has been ranked the most prestigious design school. For over twenty years, It has been successfully leading its students to the professional interior design society. It is known for industry-ready curriculum, high-end facilities, established faculties, and celebrity mentorship. INIFD grants national and international training opportunities to its students so that they can be prepared to get placed with the pioneers of modern designing.


INIFD, Bhopal, holds an immense alumni network support and a promising journey full of national and international opportunities. Such a vast global exposure can open up dazzling possibilities for you in the future. INIFD centers are furnished with state of the art facilities so the students can learn through diverse media and attain rounded development. Apprentice designers get extensive training in digital methods of designing and learn the intricacies of interior designing under the guidance of renowned mentors and industry experts. Upon the successful completion of an interior designing course, an IIID membership is awarded to the thriving students. So, learn hands-on skills, acquire practical knowledge, display your work at global platforms with INIFD, which is unquestionably the best interior designing school at Bhopal.

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