IT Companies Value more for Online Course Certificates

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IT Companies Value more for Online Course Certificates

Online learning has acquired a massive boost since the lockdown last year. The reports from World Economic Forum stated a tremendous rise in students enrolling in digital classes and Edtech investments.

For recruiters, however, this blast of online course certificates can make it challenging to decide which candidate (with online certificates) is the right hire. Since the entry barrier to online classes is low, unlike offline classes like colleges, the challenge is understanding if a candidate is right for the job role and the company culture. We are here to help you with that.

Benefits of Online Certificate Courses


Before you know why IT companies must value online courses, you must comprehend why they are helpful in the first place. Hiring candidates who have done online certificate programs in the IT industry has many benefits. These are:


  1. Job-ready students

Online course certificate are job-focused and industry oriented. While traditional institutes focus on building core skills, online courses increase these by providing knowledge regarding the latest industry practices.


  1. Cutting down Time and Money spent on Training

Many IT companies put freshers under training programs before they join the floor. This is an extra investment on the company’s part. Students from reputed online learning platforms already know most of the stuff taught in these training classes to be productive from day one. As s result, it helps the company save time and money on training.


  1. High Quality Study Materials

Online course programs from reputed companies often produce exceptionally high-quality study materials prepared by industry veterans and experts. Therefore, if the candidate has taken up online courses certifications, then, employers can rest assured that the person is job-ready.


  1. Global Perspective

Since online courses with certificates set up a diverse online classroom, students can get the chance to interact with peers (classroom chats, bulletins, mailing lists) from different regions and develop global outlooks. In addition, video lessons in online courses are often lectured by industry experts from different locations. All these interactions nurture a global perspective.


  1. Promotes Punctuality, Self-discipline

Perhaps the most important advantage of online courses certificate is they promote punctuality and self-discipline. Online courses are often timed, and students must be punctual to earn their degrees. Procrastination is not in the dictionary of the online certification program. These two are the traits employers can vouch for in tech hires.




All the above points are important if you want to do online course certification to step into the IT industry. Likewise, Unschool is the best online learning platform for anyone who wants to become industry ready. It is the platform where you can finally stop trying to fit in a system crafted for the masses and learn in a unique way that brings out the best version of you. We’re witnessing a generation that asks questions, has opinions, and takes the initiative to improve the world.

As Unschoolers, we’re catalysts of education for this generation.

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