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Keep Your Kids Learning and Having Fun During School Holidays

06 May

Keep Your Kids Learning and Having Fun During School Holidays

School holidays are the best time of the year. Whether it’s the summer break or Christmas holidays, you can actually relax and do the things you enjoy. But it is also the time when a lot of students lose track of time.

Time which is too valuable in any student’s life. Ditching your studies entirely during the school holidays is not a smart move. Because when school holidays are over and you have your busy schedule thrusted upon you once again, you can hardly have time to prepare.

This is why holidays can be the best way to not just unwind but to also take your study preparations a bit ahead. But thinking about learning lessons during holidays seems like the last thing to do, right? What if you can make your study time fun?

Here we have some tips for you that will help you study during holidays without sucking the fun out.

Enrol in A Tuition Program

There are many tuition centres that offer classes especially designed for the holidays. From maths tuition to science or any other subject really, these special classes are for helping students learn in a fun and engaging way during the holidays.

The tutoring services may vary from one centre to another. Some tuition centres offer meals which can be enjoyed with fellow students who enrol in the program, while some tuition centres have interactive games and friendly contests to teach and have fun.

Join A Camp

Camping is probably one of the top activities to do during holidays. Summer camps are especially popular where kids learn, interact with other campers and most importantly have fun together.

Camping activities are mostly outdoors and have hands-on activities that are highly engaging. Learning with the fellow campers only boosts the level of understanding while having a fun time with them.

The open air of a camp setting is far better than the confines of a classroom. Holidays are the best time to join a camp where you can learn while having fun.

Do The Daily Chores

Now, we know doing chores is not the kind of fun you have in mind, but sometimes the most normal things are enjoyable. And while doing the chores you can also learn a few things.

Sitting with a textbook in hand to learn about measurements or maths concepts sounds grim, right? How about going grocery shopping? That is much better than the first option, right?

You can set up a budget before heading for shopping and then try to stick to the budget. This way you can practise a few calculations for your maths lessons. Pick up activities that can teach you a thing or two about your academics too.

Pick Up A Reading Habit

Books are not only a great hobby to pick up during the holidays but also a great way to learn new words or improve your vocabulary. The joy of reading is not just a great way to spend time but you can actually improve your skills with it.


If you are looking for more fun ways to learn maths then joining a trusted tuition centre can help you out. Miracle Learning Centre is one name that offers many tuition programs for the students tailored to meet specific goals.

Whether it is special holiday classes or structured maths tuition centre in Singapore, they offer them all. Get in touch with them to learn more on what they offer.

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