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Land your next job after completing of online course certification

21 Mar

Land your next job after completing of online course certification

A dedication to constant learning is often the secret to career success. Thereby ensuring your skills stay relevant and aligned with growing market trends. Fortunately, there are now plenty more online certified program options than ever, offering various pathways to new skills and industries beyond the traditional college or university degree.


Upskilling and reskilling can be done in various ways, such as joining a professional industry organisation; attending networking and conference events; volunteering; or enrolling for online course certification. 


However, one of the most highly recommended pathways to verifying your newfound skills among potential employers is through a nationally-recognized online course or training program. These options are not only more accessible than ever, but also offer a variety of options suited to your current skill level, career interests and more. 


Will online learning benefit me when it comes to job hunting?


It’s flexible 

One of the most cited benefits of online course certifications is their ability to offer a highly flexible learning experience. Through its all-digital (or primarily digital) delivery, students can study wherever they please – be it from the comfort of their own home or on the go.


The experience is thus ideal for the job seekers currently working yet striving for new industry opportunities, as its flexible structure helps them study around their current work or personal commitments and on a schedule that works best for them. 


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Learning tailored to your needs 

These online courses with certification are flexible to one’s schedule and permit one to study at a pace and through a learning style that works best for their needs. Not much of a morning person? With recorded online lectures and course material accessible 24/7, you can simply choose to tune into your studies at a time when you feel most energised, alert, and focused.


You’re also given the freedom of spacing out your studies in a way that helps you control information and maintain productivity best; whether that’s incrementally spreading out the content over long periods, or segmenting them into concentrated periods of study. 


Practical, “work-ready” training

Online certified programs have often been favoured for their focus on practical, “work-ready” training – equipping you with the experience and hands-on skills you need to start working in your domain. Most programs come with plenty of projects to help put your newfound knowledge to practise and test your skills application in real-world industry contexts.


Courses aligned to industry demands 

Finally, the online learning platform offers an attractive career option for job-hunters, as many of these programs are well-aligned to current and emerging industry demands. On top of keeping your skills relevant and competitive, they also ensure your adaptiveness to a changing industry landscape. 


How do I make my CV more attractive to potential employers? 


  • Place your key skills and experience high up on the resume. Grab the hiring manager’s attention by highlighting your abilities in the uppermost sections of your resume. Therefore letting you cut to the chase, spotlighting what you have to offer immediately. 


  • Be specific. Vague statements such as “team player” and “great communicator” are not just often overused – but leave much up to assumption. Where you can, try and cite cold, hard facts about your online course certification and reveals just how much you’ve accomplished in your career. 
  • Use the right keywords. With plenty of hiring managers automating the resume screening process, it pays to sprinkle in the right keywords in your application – typically, the same ones used in the job ad description. These are often the first elements of text such programs are trained to look for, so be sure to weave in as many as you can naturally fit. 
  • Include a personal cover letter. Avoid using templated cover letters with impersonal greetings and ensure you write up a concise cover letter tailored to the company, its mission, and how you’d best fit in with their goals. 


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