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Learn Content Marketing With Unschool’s Online Courses

02 Mar

Learn Content Marketing With Unschool’s Online Courses

A decade ago, marketing strategies for writers did not even exist. All the writer had to do was write. A writer wrote and submitted the work to an editor, letting others worry about content marketing. But now the tables have turned and the writers play the role of a writer, marketers, and promoters. Marketing strategies have been witnessed as essential tools in the writing world. 


Since the writing industry is growing more than ever now, marketing strategies for writers have become a necessary skill to own. Adaptability and flexibility come a close second. Therefore, to get into this field, take online certificate programs to understand better.  


Likewise, Unschool is the best OTT platform for an online course where you can finally stop trying to fit in a system crafted for the masses and learn in a unique way that brings out the best version of you. Enroll now!


Significance of marketing 


Neglecting marketing is like starting a business but not telling anyone about it. Especially for writers, marketing becomes the scary part. But that said, marketing is the most crucial part of writing for any business. You could be an excellent writer, but if nobody knows about you or your work, how would you make a career out of writing? Therefore, a successful writer balances time spent in writing and marketing. Get onboard with the online courses with a certificate from Unschool.



  • It helps to create business goals.
  • The strategy supplies consistency.
  • It makes you stick with your budget.
  • Assists in providing better service to customers.
  • It makes you not only think but be proactive rather than reactive.


Four excellent marketing strategies for writers:


1: Create a blog or a website

A writer’s website or blog is like their own personal business car. The readers know about your content and how to contact you.

A blog is a vital marketing tool for all businesses. It allows you to build a personal brand and also a loyal following. So,if you have a creative mind, get an online course certification in content writing from Unschool. 


2: Make full use of Social Media

Social media could be your best ally if you use it wisely. Earn more traffic to your content by promoting it on social media. Furthermore, the quickest way to advertise on social media platforms is by running paid advertisements. In addition, you can offer your writing services on these platforms as well. 


Well, Unschool is offering a digital marketing job program for students who want a digital career. 


3: Networking

Networking lets you expand your reach. A good network can help market your work more effectively, whether online or offline. Some people are introverted about meeting new people, especially writers. But networking confirms to be one of the excellent marketing strategies for writers. It welcomes someone to come along and help your business succeed. Therefore, constantly meeting new people can exponentially increase good opportunities. 


Well, Unschool brings an excellent opportunity with an online course certification with an internship for students. Sounds exciting? Apply now! 


4: Guest posts and Email leads


Indeed, guest posts mean writing for free. But why should a writer write for free? Because you aren’t getting paid to write. Guest posts get a large number of eyes on your work.

If you publish on an authority site, they add a link back to your blog. As a result, it tells Google you are a genuine writer, and your SEO ranking will enhance.

Remember that guest posts are unpaid articles. So, try to write for the best websites in your niche. 

The best way to get accepted for guest posts is to give editors exciting topics they have never covered. Likewise, include links to your portfolio and website in the email to editors.


Learn how to write a blog on compelling topics with online course certification from Unschool.



Every business has one top goal. That is, to gain more audience and make more sales. You need marketing strategies to do that consistently. Although millions of tactics can be employed, the initial point remains the same. Get a well-crafted marketing strategy with an online course platform from Unschool.


All the best!

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