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Major Technology News & updates of the week from Einstantly.com

23 May

Major Technology News & updates of the week from Einstantly.com

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tech person or not, you are bound to use technology, and you don’t have any option these days. In Current Times every individual some way or the other driven by technology. However, if you’re a tech person, It is very important to get updated on the latest breaking news and Updated related to technology.

Where can you read the latest information on Technology?

There are several sources available both offline and online to read all the major updates and information related to Technology. In the technology-driven times, everyone prefers to read news and updates online, and instantly is leading tabloid provides all the latest breaking news and major updates related to Technology. Einstantly helps both the techies and the common people who would love to get updated on the latest technology trends and important updates and development.

3 Major Tech News updates of the week from Einstantly

Microsoft tests new Windows 11 feature drop for Insiders: Leading Tech giant Microsoft is testing a new Windows 11 feature. The new features include Windows Spotlight wallpaper switcher and updates & improvements to family safety integration. The new features are in testing in developer and Beta channels. For more details, visit einstantly.com

TVS Motor unveils a new iQube electric scooter: TVS Motor has unveiled a new electric motorcycle iQube with multiple interesting features. The new motorcycle comes in three variants in 11 colors and three charging options.  For more details on the iQube electric scooter, visit einstantly.com

Apple is likely to launch a new HomePod by early 2023: Leading Tech company Apple is most likely to launch a new Homepod by early 2023. The yet-to-launch new HomePod is a smart speaker, which will be a larger model than the HomePod mini.  For more details of the launch and its specifications, visit einstantly.com

The technology industry is growing rapidly, so Techies and even common people must stay up to date on the up-to-date tech news and updates. As the industry increases exponentially and tech influence in day-to-day has become extremely important, it’s for everyone in every industry to learn what’s happening in the tech field.

Yes, it is hard and very important to follow to get updated on the latest technology news and updates as they are plenty of sources available online. However, einstantly is little different from the rest. Einstantly provides in-detail information on the latest Technology updates and developments. It can be tough to recognize where to and how to start, and not all Tabloids & sources are trusted, steadfast or deliver the best reliable updates & information.

Final Word:

To check all the major updates from the technology industry click the link https://www.einstantly.com and visit einstantly and read all the latest breaking news from the technology area as well as political news, entertainment news, sports news, economic, financial updates, and much more. Visit einstantly and get updated on what happening around the world.


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