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Perks of having connections to get an online internship

30 Mar

Perks of having connections to get an online internship

Most college students are intimately familiar with hard work. Whether applying their full attention to a challenging assignments workload or going for a part-time job during their college. However, understanding how to build connections to land the right unpaid or paid internship can be a different story.


Building network connections is especially critical for those students who can’t rely on who they or their parents already know. Therefore, this blog can help you learn how to build these invaluable networks without depending on anyone. Let’s look a little deeper into how connections are beneficial to helping you secure your dream work-from-home internship.


Invaluable sources of industry-specific information. High-quality connections are helpful sources of information for students looking to land a productive online internship program. They can tell you what industry-specific skills you should develop, what online sources to use, which blogs to read, and recommend some of their connections who can teach you even more.


As a result, it allows you to jump to the front of the line. Quality connections can put your name and resume on the top of the application pile and sometimes allow you to bypass it altogether.


Steps to Networking

While many college students know how challenging a work-from-home internship can be to land, many are left wondering how to access internship opportunities. 


Contact Your Existing Network

The easiest way to build connections is to look through your existing educational, professional, and personal networks. First, consider the companies where your family members and even distant relatives work and ask yourself if they are in industries where you’d like to work.

Then find out if they offer campus ambassador internships. Perhaps a favourite professor once worked in the role you‘d like to pursue. Even a connection with a few degrees of separation from you is better than a blind application.


  1. Research

Take a moment to figure out precisely what you’re looking for in an internship experience. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are your unpaid or paid internship goals to gain relevant experience and connections in a specific role and industry for future employment?
  2. Or, are you looking for any internship opportunity to help you narrow your future employment goals?

Based on your answers, find out what internships are available and which companies you are attracted to. Figuring out your goals before networking will help you focus on making meaningful connections and set you on a more fruitful path.


  1. Join Online Professional Communities

Online communities like LinkedIn are precious sources for building your network. Ensure your profile is optimized and highlights relevant skills. Consider increasing the frequency of your posts on professional social media sites to increase your industry authority and make your profile more visible. Finally, reach out to connections to get unpaid or paid internships.

Sign Up With a Virtual Recruiting App


Since employers are no longer visiting career centres on campuses due to the current environment brought about by COVID-19, virtual recruiting applications have emerged as a leading opportunity for students to build and maintain meaningful connections with employers. Therefore employers needing to boost their talent pools are hosting increasing numbers of virtual events to get interns.


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