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Productive habits to kickstart your online internship program

06 Mar

Productive habits to kickstart your online internship program

Increasing productivity and focus is deemed skill working professionals continuously strive for. But it can sometimes be challenging for work-from-home internships for interns. But the golden key is to find a routine and system that works for you and your lifestyle. Do not worry; we have your back by giving you tips on staying productive for a virtual internship.


Here are some ways to help boost your productivity levels to boost you up:


  1. Follow the 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule, states that 80% of results are derived from 20% of efforts. Therefore to increase productivity, remove tasks that don’t matter throughout your work week and focus on the most prior tasks, resulting in greater output. In other words, during your online internship, complete your important task for the day and then work on the different tasks. 


  1. Plan and be prepared

Try to get proper sleep to concentrate on the task in your unpaid or paid internship.No Netflix binges or scrolling through Facebook. You’ll feel rested and recharged when you start your next day. Ensure that your work for the next day is sorted and accordingly work on them. 


  1. Set a system

Over time, you may develop a few bad habits that affect your productivity. To manage these distracting tendencies, create a system. For example, if you check your email compulsively throughout the day, plan to handle your inbox only in the morning, afternoon and evening.


By doing so, you can focus on other vital goals all day long. Everyone’s work system and process may look different. So it’s best to find and develop a system that works for you and adds to your work-from-home internship productivity! 


  1. Cut your to-do list in half and check it twice

Getting things done doesn’t necessarily mean fitting in as much as possible in 8 hours of our working day. The concept is to work smart. A good tip is to concentrate on your most important tasks for the day or week. Then prioritize the important tasks on your workload. Ensure to decrease distractions like news alerts or social media notifications. 


  1. Organise your work area

Reports stated that we work better when our environment is clean and organized. A clutter-free desk will help productivity and help your thoughts and ideas flow unencumbered. Taking care of your personal space can bring much-needed peace and efficiency. An online internship program is the best option if you plan to work remotely. 


  1. Don’t procrastinate

Sometimes, the interns have tons of work, and getting through it is overwhelming! Try to break down your work into smaller, more manageable tasks and get them done individually; setting deadlines for each task is mandatory. 


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